Time is money: Getting what yours is worth!

Operating in your consumer power part 3:
It’s not about how much you make, but instead how you spend. Time is money! Learn how to spend it to make more out of your life!

Travel Tip Tuesdays Present: Festival life

  When you arrive in town at 2pm in the afternoon on a sunday and your twin sister calls you and says get off the 🚆 at a random stop before you have a chance to drop off your luggage…. Travel Tip 1: Before your trip even begins 1st thing you should to do is…

Village Building

#AboutLastNightThough #6HOURS in the #BronzevilleIncubator running off of #3HoursOfSleep to meet a #22HrDeadline. + #GreatEnergy #Support #Teamwork #Resources and #FoodFuel #sponsoredBy #BronzevilleJerkShack = #6COMPLETEGrantProposals for #TheUrbanJunctureFoundation to continue foster #PeaceCommerceCommunityAndCompleteRedevelopment for the #BronzevilleCommunity. #VillageBuilding #CommunityBuilding #TeamWork makes #DreamWork. #MoorProgress #MoorSuccess #MoorInsight #FollowAndShare via #EmbodyAmoor.com

Fitness Fridays : LakeFront Yoga Season

Embody Physiques’ Lake Front Yoga Season officially start the 1st Sunday of July #SummerTimeChi 2016 Registration opens in 2 weeks. Stay tuned and get ready to “Embody Your Physiques”!!

Black Millionaires Of Tomorrow

If your ready to give your children a real future, college won’t do it alone! Give them the financial literacy needed to compete on the global market!

Get Ready For Small Business Week

Small business week is near and in honor, Bethels New Life Small Business Development Centers’Director Curtis Roechely shares some great FREE entrepreneurship development events you can use to continue building your Empire.

Making Money While You Sleep

It’s actually possible and you don’t already have to be rich or own property to do it. Learn how to prep and start making money now and having it rolling in by the peak summer season.