Making Money While You Sleep

It’s actually possible and you don’t already have to be rich or own property to do it. Learn how to prep and start making money now and having it rolling in by the peak summer season.

Top 10 Travel Investments

Top 10 Travel Essentials ( Long-term Transitional Investments) Passport How Can I Get a Passport in 2 Weeks or less? Standard passport turnaround times are about 4-6 weeks, and expedited processing, for an extra fee, usually requires 2-3 weeks. Last-minute travel plans that require a passport in less than 14 days, a trip to a…

B.O.B Travel Series: Traveling Domestically

FaithFashionAndFitness BOBBallingOnABudget ItsALifestyle YouCanToo; SmartTravel WorkSmartPlayHard. FitLifeOnTheGo with your original TravelSeries B.O.B always finding creative, fun, budget-friendly ways of ChartingNewTerritory. learn how to buildup your TravelNetwork with TimeTravel made easier, sharing TravelTales, live that JetLife with EmbodyPhysique, showing you how to Love Who You Are While Embracing Who You Want To be, SeeYourself EmpireBuilding LetsGo!

Empire Time! Season 2: Special Meme Episode Recap!

What I love about the show Empire, is that it gives you in-depth insight into the cut throat music and entertainment industry. It also touches on current real life key social issues like the systematic eradication of the black male race through mass incarceration and the U.S. local police force. From Lucious stealing the new…

B.O.B Travel Series: Evading Sickness

Hey, the one and only Aerial Gem checking in! For those of you who don’t know I am usually gone with the wind but what you may not know is that I do it on a shoestring budget. B.O.B Balling On a Budget travel series, means I will be sharing with you inexpensive ways to travel and…