Compelled To Say

Happy Hump day loves! Today is the 1st day of the Embody Amoor: Hump Day Socials.
*Please be advised*
This post contains adult content! And is a teaser for the fun you can join us for via the link in today’s #humpday #quickread. Enjoy
Lyrical love by Asade Artistry

Truth Be Told

Healing therapy: a spoken word piece by Asade Artisyry

Poetry Features

                                                                                       Stomping   Trying to focus. But I got kicked in the head. To my eyes. To my back-side. To my chin. To my head. Losing focus Losing site Losing concertation Several pains Sticking out the pain. Crying wishing it will go away….

Empire Fix: Special Meme Recap

Weekly #HumpDayRead Here’s a brief post to help you get over the hump: your weekly hump day read #EmpireBuildingWednesdays #alternategarden Just a little something to put on your brains to help aid you in building your Empire! “Too many are concerned and distracted with the change of language on given subjects, when the agendas remain…

Walking Strong: Uncharted Territory

When life knocks you down, it’s just an opportunity to charter new territory! Its inevitable and happens when least expected. It hurts and disrupts your whole life. But you can do one of two things, “You can change the situation or you can change the way you feel about it!”- Mya Angelo. It seems like…