What up, what up peeps!

I don’t know how you ended up here but I’m most gracious you did.  Because we are thrilled to extend the invitation to tackle 2019 together.  So I will soon cut to the chase but first….A little bit about what you’re in store for….

A year of more #TravelTips #HotHappenings & #SpecialsEvents #HumpDaySocials #FitFoodieFun #SelfHelp #Fitness & #Entrepreneurship and more….

A year of less typos, mispellings, low quality photos and random publishing scheldule for #shortreads outside of   #yourweeklyhumpdayread lbvvs.

Seriously though our Mission is to empower you through an international online #lifestyle & #wellness platform that encourages community, unity and interaction.  Our goal remains to set a new obtainable, sustainable and quality lifestyle standard by offering direct tools & resources to keep you in the loop, entertained and make healthy living simplified and accessible at your convenience.  As a business lifestyle blog we will continue highlighting and connecting you to fit fun, and the many businesses, individuals and organizations that contribute to the development and empowerment of our communities.

We are also humbled and honored to discover you all have stayed the course with us on this jouney and super excited to share our gratitude.  With your continued support we can offically declare we are indeed a growing multimedia enterprise.  The release of our third issue of the Embody Amor online magazine, “Industry Game Changers” is a special edition issue and is officially underway along with a few additional publications for purchase.  Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy the last issue here.

Get fit with us! Join us for more direct and or daily interaction via our #PersonalFitnessJourney on social media Here, & #OnlineSpecialEvents #SpokenWordLive #CrushinClues and the #HumpDaysocials by clicking here or simply scrolling to the very bottom of this page.

Get linked for the ink and more to come here!

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