We believe all people deserve the right for sustainable advancement opportunities to grow. We work directly with many grass roots non for profits organizations focused on personal and community redevelopment in up and coming neighborhoods. So we experience the social issues associated with lack of economic advancement and sustainability opportunities up close and personal. We are entrepreneurs currently working to restructure our preventative health care company: Embody Physique Health and Fitness located via

As we redevelop, we wanted to add a more interactive platform that would allow us to share the journey and get your feed back along the way and grow together as a community. So this is a lifestyle blog site catered to providing awareness on advancement opportunities of personal use and community development. We will be covering everything from arts and entertainment to self help and economic advancement.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our official online magazine, “Embody Amor” a spin off of this blog. It will not be for sale and free for viewing, highlighting the many different people and associated organizations that provide similar services or provide what we consider substantial positives contributions to our neighborhoods, communities, nations and the world. We are not just a word that defines a deficit in this world, “black”! We always have and will continue to represent righteousness and love, despite a global system that restricts all asiatic peoples, and paints us negatively! We are doctors, lawyers engineers, architects, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists, we always have been and always will be Moor!

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to change the global negative perception of Black, Moor or all Asiatic peoples overcast by systematic oppression and misrepresentation. By providing a international online platform that encourages community unity, redevelopment and interaction, we aim to directly challenge those stereotypes and set a new obtainable and sustainable quality lifestyle standard by highlighting and connecting the many businesses, individuals and organizations that contribute to the development and empowerment of our communities.

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