A Closer look

The Journey Is The Process! Learn To Love It. Healthy Living simplified! Healthy Living At Your Convenience! (a sneak peak into the evolution of Embody Physique Health &Fitness) #EmpireBuildingWednesday


Does the sun actually set and rise? No, the world just revolve around it. The sun is a star and so are you. The sun is the most important source of energy for life on earth. Think of yourself as the sun. Your dreams and vision is what feed this world. This is why you must…

Motivation Mondays: Mid-Day Mind Teasers

Be the 1st to solve this riddle and you can win a free yoga session with Embody physique health and Fitness! A boy chewing gum goes into bathroom stall. As he stands over toilet speaking on the phone about how nasty it is, the gum falls in the toilet. What did he do? Annnnnnd Go!

Empire Building Wednesdays: Food For Thought

It’s all about perspective!!! Here is a short perspective Video to help condition a  positive mind to fuel your WILLPOWER.  WILLPOWER IS NOTHING MORE THAN SELF CONTROL  and  SELF DISCIPLINE!!! When you change your perspective, everything around you changes as well. No matter what your goals are, “its’s important to always have something to look forward to.”-Boardwalk…

Wise up Wednesdays presents: The Situation

  As you look out the window what do you see? A world of opportunities. I know situations you go through may look and feel bad but stop, wait, don’t look at it like that. Ask yourself these questions: What is God trying to show me or teach me? Do I really need this in my…