Dear Entrepreneur: Your Energy Is Also Your Currency, Spend It Wisely!


What up game changers.  I know I’ve been MIA but I’m back with yet another juicy #ToughLoveLetter to help us navigate this journey we call entrepreneurship!  Before we get into, i wanted ask, you ever find yourself irritated or offended by those that randomly pop up on your time line or in your inbox offering you “so called” opportunities to make residual income.

I’m asking because i know I’m not the only one.  Yea i too am guilty if not the most guilty.  If the opportunity to train as a online coach simply by working on my own journey had come through anybody else other than my identical twin sister, i more than likely wouldn’t be doing it.  That’s just the reality.

Truth is however, you never know what resources, tools and opporunties are available to help you enhance the exexcution of your current effort towards your goals if you’re not at least open.  But why was that the case?.  Why was i more open to the opportunity coming from my sister than others?.

Because i trusted she knew me!  She knew better than to bring me opportunities that didn’t already align with my current goals.  I knew she had automatically considered my strengths and weaknesses and or any other additional obstacles i was currently facing that could be improved.  She knew solution based changes would only be something I’d even consider.

Finally, I trusted the value she showed would be created in my own life by simply continueing doing what i was already doing.  I trusted the value she was able create seeing and being apart of the benefits of the opportunity working in her own life.  My point is that i didn’t feel like i was being sold because I genuinely experienced the benefits of it before i actually invested anything beyond my energy.


I experienced how sincere she was in wanting me to experience the same new found self discovery, renewed light for life, purpose, and of course the monetary and economic advantages she was getting.  I trusted she was bringng me an opportunity that fit me, the growth of my current lifestyle and future lifestyle and business goals.

So what have i discovered?.  There is a fine line between being irritated or offended and flattered when a new opportunity is being brought my way.  The upside is learning to properly navigate.  Alot of people will sale what they can to anybody that needs or want what they have but most people that are seriously looking to build together are looking for specific kinds of people.

Meaning they are taking those extra steps to learn if you are a right fit for not just what they are doing but who they are, long before they even approach you.  They are seeking those that reflects the best parts of who they are, Those that share similiar goals and value for life, those that are just as driven and ambitious, those that simply want to live in their purpose, those that inspire us to keep pushing to become the best version of ourselves everday.  Those that they can see themselves growing and celebrating slaying and exceeded those future lifestyle goals they share.

Truth is energy vultures do exist!  So how do you determine the difference? You consider who they are, their life and track record because success leaves clues and success is subjective to each person’s idea of it.  So You weigh the opportunities against benefits and values you have regarding your current and long term goals for yourself.  If it aligns, go for it.  If not, considet at later time. Thank them for considering you, pass and propose an alternate opportunity that increases your value in the exchange.

Ultimately only you can decide what best compliments your life, circumstance and goals.  But you can’t make the best choice with limited options.  You create more options by making & nurturing real connections!  That kind of effort shows up differently in a world of those consistently selling us stuff so when it shows up, you will feel and know it!!!!

I am so blessed to beable to share opportunities but even more to back them up with actual receits.  Although this is one of many checks I’ve already earned,  It always gives me great joy to beable to extend a another seat to eat with me.

received_398124564114515Learn to turn your fitness journey into a homebased business.  Get fit with someone else to build their empire or #GetFitWithMeIn6Weeks and learn how to build yours making your own journey key.

As always i hope you all found today’s #QuickRead helpful.  If so please tag and share with friends you think would enjoy.  For more health and Fitness services click here.  For more tools, tricks and tips navigating the world of Online Entrepreneurship be sure you are #LinkedForThatInk via the follow or subscription button below!  Until your next delivery, Happy Empire building!


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