Dear Entrepreneur: Shut Up & Hustle


You ever came across someone who demanded your attention simply by their presence and the kind of energy they carry?!.  Most of you know Dr.Jackson from his hilarious song parodys, original skits & music videos or one of his many hit podcast and events via the cc360 network and I’m no different.

I’ve been to tons of community events, siminars, workshops and lectures and most accompany a motivational speaking component before hand.  If it’s a good one, your left feeling like you just got out of Churrrch and the pastor was talking directly to you lbvs.

While most would refer to this person as a cheer leader this particular day, Dr. Jackson highlighted his true and many roles as not just a motivational speaker but a value creator.  This guy had more people ready and excited to learn about themselves than most classrooms I’ve been in.  As a career student, i was intrigued.

This particular lecture happened to be Dr. Ranuko Rashidi’s African presence around the world.  The setting consisted of all age groups and alot of middle age and senior patrons.  And for anyone who has alot of interaction with older people, you know the struggle when it comes to being set in their ways.

If you had experience the new found motivation and the action that followed with this crowd, there is no way you too would have left without making this guy officially apart of your network. Even if you couldn’t quite put your finger on what benefit it would serve in your life in the moment, your spirit knows this particular connection needs to be nurtured!

Less than a summer later and i have personally had the opportunity and most awesome experience with Dr.Jackson aka the “Hustle God” on his show the Cc360 podcast.

His platforms are truly amazing at highlighting and connecting other blackowned business and services.  In addition the humor and educational insight you get by the unique way he highlights his perspectives is truly a gift to the people.

There is a reason Dr. Jackson is becoming more known as the hustle God day by day.  His lifestyle is a documented testimony!  Simply Googling his social media handles speaks for itself.  He teaches and provide services for everything from Financial literacy training to self help and community development.

What i personally love most about Dr. Jackson is not that he considers me one of his muse lbvs..but his creative and entertaining approach to provide resources and support our communities need most.  He’s got magical way connecting him with those from all walks of life.


There is nothing like jamming out to music that helps to recondition our minds and lives in a positive way!  And when i say his lattest single, “Hustle God” is hot hot, after listening you will never have a cold one again!

But please don’t take my word for it, if you need a plan of action, source of motivation, humor and redirection to help reach your goals.  Check out his shows, music and his newest book release shut up and hustle.


Stay tuned for details and be sure join us for his book upcoming Launch party.  It is going to be a blast and i will definetly be in attendance.  You don’t want to miss it!  I look forward to meeting you there.  Meanwhile stay upated on details and get direct access to more of Dr.Jacksons hustle flow, tips,  and music via the following links:

Hustle God Release

Shop HustleWare

Moor Hustle Music


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