Dear Entrepreneur: Pain is part of the process!


What up what up peeps, i know i have been MIA for minute now so want to take a moment to apologize for my recent absence without notice.  Moving along swiftly however, yall already know, yours truly here, popping in once again with yet another and much overdue “Tough Love” Letter. 

Now before getting into it i just want to share I’m learning the entrepreneurship journey is alot like my body building journey.  Feel free follow me via MamaloveAlot ThickFit Journey Or links at very end bottom of this site.  But anyway, when i make this comparison I’m of course referring to different or specific stages in the journey.

For instance targeting new muscle groups on the body for first time is alot like targeting to new customers for a business.  Because everyone’s fitness levels are different, there is gojng to be some painful bruising just learning to navigate new territory by default.

I had a professional incident that left me bit bruised after going back and forth providing information, tips and support to a potential client who wanted join one of my online fitcamps, only for her turn around and join her sister’s not because her sister took the time to explain the benefits of our services” how it works, and would serve her life but simply because they were family and offered exact same thing i offered.

It took me a while to get over and learn not take personal.  Truth is, i wasn’t able really able to apply the lesson in it until coming to the conclusion that this result happens.  It is simply apart of the business.

People will shop around comparing the information they gather before making final purchase and as educated consumer that should be expected and respected even if it hurts.  Pain is part of the process but learning to love and manuever past that pain is key.  Plenty of store owners hope their sales efforts are effective but not taking as personal failure when not and simply learning to readjust accordingly is what keeps them in business!

Moral of story i learned concentrate my efforts where effective most and to trust the value in what i provide.  This new insight has set a fire under my tale and simply fueled more ambition to thrive. It has allowed me to service more of those who share same experiences, more geniune similar interest, goals, and intentions.

Most importantly biggest lesson embraced in my new layer of thick skin is that creating authentic clientele by taking the time nurturing real connections creates loyal customers and not just associate sales! And some times the first step in nurturing a genuine connection starts with genuinely sharing information despite what the person on the recieving end does with it.

What about you?  Do you have any entreprenuer endeavors that left you bruised?  How did you cope?!  Please share in the comments.

I hope my tips help someone struggling to get over the hump.  Maybe yours can too.  I will continue share the lessons i learn as they come.

If you haven’t already make sure you are #linkedForTheInk and more tips to come via #YourWeeklyHumpDayRead by clicking that blue follow button below.  Please share with those who may find our #QuickReads helpful as well. Thanks again in advance.  Peace, love and blessings.  Love you all to life!  “Now go be great!”  Chao!


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