Dear Entrepreneur: Support is Earned Not expected!


#HarshRealities #SuckItUp #KIM #MakeMovesNotExcuses

How many times have you come across a family member or friends on an entrepreneur journey and they automatically expect you to support their endeavor simply because of their association to you?!.  Not because you actually need what they are offering in moment or have better price options for something you wanted but don’t necessarily need?!  Well I too have had this experience far to often and believe it.  I was also that annoying ass entrepreneur at one point.

I look back at my experience now and realized just how foolish I’ve been for doing so.  Think about it this way, when you shop at a retailer like Walmart, you are buying something that is of value to you not because you want to just support the bigbox franchise.  So why should your logic be any different shopping with small business.

If i’m shopping with folks to for sake of supporting their business I’m more than likely, not getting what i actually need or anything of value to me out of the exchange.  For any transaction regardless of what parties it goes through, should result a mutual benefit to all parties involved.

As an entrepreneur you don’t have to prove yourself to your customers but you do need prove how your product or service is of value in their life if you want to earn their support.  Mary J. Blige is one of my favorite singers and i didn’t start purchasing her music until she released an album i felt was of ut most value to me at that particular time in my life.

Her Growing Pains album saved my life and was worth every penny i paid for it.  So her 1st sign of monitary support came from me 15 + years after her being in the industry.  Your prospects being honest with you about why they choose to shop or not shop with you can be of more value than that one sale you were going to make with them if you allow it to be.  Here is an opportunity to learn where you can adjust.

No one wants to feel like they are being sold but we all wanted to be valued and respected.  When you are willing to earn the support of your customers it lets them know they are valued.  It puts you in position to grow and everyone leaves looking forward to the next opportunity to repeat the process.

Too many business set up shop in minority neighborhoods and expect the support simply because they are there. They treat the customers like crap and take every one of them for granted.  The customers instead would travel double the distance to purchase the same products from a neighboring shop that has proved it actually values it’s cutomers.

So the next time you find yourself upset about the lack of support your getting, take a second and think to yourself. “Have i earned their support?!  and if not what can i change to do so!  You will be suprised how the right approach can have your client base building your support on your behalf.

So let’s go game changers let’s continue to lead by example and be the change we want to see.  I hope you all enjoyed yet another tough love letter and are linked for the ink moving forward.  Xoxo

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