Dear Entrepreneur: Level The Playing Field or slide off of it!



I know you have heard a million times everyone is dealt different cards in life and up to you to play the hand you are dealt to best of your ability.  Well make this a million and one.  Just Because we hear something a lot doesn’t mean we actually took the time to listen and apply what we heard.

Opportunity shouldn’t cost you a lifetime of debt!

Knowing is half the battle, let me repeat that for those of us that missed it the 1st time…,”half!  While it may take some effort to process how these disparities are possible, more of your energy needs to be put toward solutions.  Sure you can put your effort into changing the system that restricts you or you can redirect your effort to changing yourself in away that allows you to balance out your opportunities you have or the playing field.


Sometimes that means creating more opportunities for your self where they didn’t exist before all together.  If there is a greater benefit being served at your expense and you are doing everything by the book, Don’t be surprised if the finish line moves on you!  Take knowing this was a possibility to begin with as an opportunity and advantage to create a new race all together.

Quick Question, if you had the opportunity to start, slay or elevate your fitness journey while getting the education to successfully launch & run your very own online fitness business for the cost of a nice pair of shoes, night out on the town, hair due or bag; would you take it?  No one said leveling the playing field would be easy, but what are you seriously willing to give up to make it happen?!

You can either go with the flow or become the flow.  When you operate in a champions mentality you realize there is always a choice.  You can choose to respond like a champion or victim.  Despite what circumstance you start with, how you finish is ultimately up to you!.


Our new 2019 #TransformYou #OnlineFitcamp & #OnlineCoachAcademy is officially open.  You too can get fit and have an additional or main source of income unaffected by this or any government shutdown.  No you don’t need to already be fit or certified.  All you need is a passion and commitment to changing your life while inspiring others.

Take action, make a change and discover your new strengths every step of the way with yours truly.  We hope you all have enjoyed #YourWeeklyHumpDayRead aka #ToughLoveLetter #2  and more importantly, found if helpful.  If so, please Like, share and or comment.

As for joining me on the #BossFit journey, simply email “enrollment link please”, here for this year’s: #NewyearNewlifestyleChallenge.  reclaim your health and learn how to #ownyourlife! Whose ready?!

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U.S. , U.K. and Canadian citizens

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