Dear Entrepreneur: If “no” is a low blow you’re simply not ready!


Happy 1st Empire Building Wednesday of the new year love doves! I have never been happier to kick it off sharing just how fortunate I’ve been learning to successfully navigate the world of entrepreneurship.  So this year we have some new changes in affect.  One being, Your Weekly Hump Day Read.

This year it will only be released twice a month.  It will contain however, a brief tough love letter sharing essential foundational tips for consistent growth along your journey.  So without further a due.. I am humbled and honored to be the first to say “Cheers” to what i hope will be one of the first of many “envelopes of value” you opened this year🍻…


If you are anything like me, you’ve probably quit entrepreneurship a few times along your journey.  If you are being patient with yourself and development however, you probably also find yourself quitting less and less after being on it for a while.  Today i’m proud to say last year marks new a milestone for me.

I went from quitting every time i heard no, to only once this past year.  What can i say, baby steps lbvs.  No seriously though, no one likes to hear the word no.  But truth is, the sooner i learned not to take it personal the less it started to negatively impact me.  It’s key to take a moment and put things in full context.  When you realize hearing no is a natural part of any business, the way you respond shifts dramatically.

Now I’m at a point in my journey if i don’t get enough no’s in a day, i have to self evaluate.  I’m learning now to use as a measurement tool for just how much effort I’m actually putting into meeting my daily goals.  If i haven’t heard no at least 3 times today i know im slacking.  I simply realign and get back to the grind.

The beauty in this approach is that the yes that i do get are usually solidified with the follow through action required!  And on this journey I’ve learned, I’d rather get a hard no or not right now than an empty yes.  Because the quick “yes”, it’s usually “Hollywood” talk!

Not to mention every “no” becomes just another opportunity to nurture the connection with my prospects.  This my friend, is the main difference between making a sale and creating a customer.  So the next time you find yourself feeling defeated, remember to put situation in full context, take a moment to do some deep breathing to yourself, shake it off and keep going.

If you still struggle with embracing this shift in your mentality, check out more ways to do so via the #QuickRead linked here: “The power of “No”.

As always we hope you have enjoyed #YourWeeklyHumpdayRead.  Be sure you are Linked for that ink and more quick tips via our next #ToughLoveLetter and #Quickreads. Love you all to life.  Now go be great!

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