Growing Pains


Happy Empire Building #GameChangers & #DreamChasers.  Now i know this evenings hump day #QuickRead isn’t what you are used to or normally what you expect from us.  But hey, sometimes there is just no sugar coating in life!   Despite….


Your girl mamalovelot aka JFAL has been doing just that.  Last week we pre-launched our fun new online dating game #CrushinClues.  Learn more details on the game and how to play by scrolling to the very end of this post and blog page.

Anyway, we hosted a mixer to record the 1st game live via a mixer event we planned.  Nothing went exactly according to plan and time has never been on my side.  The reality is,  i was in over my head with this endeavor but i didn’t let it stop me.  We didn’t have a huge turn out but purpose was certainly served.  With that being said I’m in search of development partners or investors to really help me bring the concept full circle.


If this is you and you share a passion for the vision please inbox me asap. In meantime, like i was saying, In times like these, we can waste away crying over spilled milk or grab a towel wipe up and keep moving!


Growing pains are never easy but are inevitable!  So we hope our new brief #DearEntrepeneur letters will help lighten lifes blows a bit.  Hopefully they help you adjust to getting over to hump bit sooner and keep pushing forward anyway!

Aa always, we hope that you all enjoyed #YourWeeklyHumpDayRead.  Please be sure follow this blog for more #HumpdayInspiration #tips #Tricks #Love #Support and #Resources to come.  Love you all to life.  As for your girl #MamaLoveAlot I’m and over and out!😍😘


let’s go!

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