*Writer’s Spotlight*

Season Greetings #LovesDoves Happy 3 year anniversary!👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌


We are so proud and forever grateful to have had the pleasure of having Jacqueline Abena Smith Join us as an official guest author and honorary staff member of last year.  She’s done an phenomenal job catering to our readers on topics including but not limited to: Gardening for holistic healthcare practices with specific focus on common and uncommon herbs, their functions, daily, and uncommon use.  She has truly been a contribution elevating the professionalism of our writing staff and is published with us 1st Sunday’s of the month.  Jess and I have learned over the last few years, you don’t need a bunch of people to make your dreams come true, you just need the right players!

It’s officially shift season also know as Fall, or what we like to call #Fallentime ! It’s the season of change, transitioning, family, and giving.  Unfortunately it is also a season of taking for some.  Which is why, I am so pleased to be celebrating the 3rd year anniversary of Embody Amoor Business Lifestyle Blog: Where we make Moves & provide the tools to empower you and each other.  From the hottest motivational music to the financial tools to make it happen, we got you.  Here we could give you a fish and feed you for a day, but we’d rather teach you how to fish or garden so you can eat for a lifetime!

Do you love helping others?  Do people come to you for advice, encouragement, inspiration?  If you’ve ever been told you are a beacon of love, life, and light then it’s time you learn how to get paid for doing what you’ve been doing for free for so long!  If you love taking care of others and currently working on becoming a better you, you would make an amazing lifestyle trainer on our team!  Get you some of this #Fallenlove, drop an emoji in the comments section to claim #aseatatthetableTaste of FitnessNew Coach Academy starts Oct 12th Limited spaces available!


Power of 3! Connect 4! Achieve More! Now go be great, and in the words of my favorite home grown Artist Zaena & MaekGET TO WORK” ! Check out their new single to congratulate them below! They are truly representing #Chicago on a whole other level!


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