Southside Summer Time CHI: Event Hit list 2018

Happy Empire Building Wednesday loves.  In honor of today i am honored to highlight and share some “Moor” of my favorite #SummerTimeChi festivals and events.  That’s right people it feels good to support cultural and community based events that reflect the richness and elevation of people of color.

To often our communities are misrepresented across major media platforms.  But like any major metropolitan city, authenticity is never found on the surface!  You have to go through a lttle bit of grit to get to the gold aka the good stuff!  But no worries because as my hometown i will always make sure we are represented right!

So if you are #LinkedForThatInk via the blue follow button below,  you are set to get more exclusive insight and awesome goodies to come but for nowwww my #HotHappenings list for “South Side” #SummerTimeChi is as follows…

I would personally love to attend all and if i were paid to i would lbvs. In meantime, however the following list is the exact order which i rate first best to least.  If i could i would attend all in the order listed as well and this is why….

Bronzeville’s Boxville: As you can see this first event is a fresh new pop up shop aka container mall concept in the historical black Bronzeville neighborhood.  I lived here for 3 years before leaving Chicago and i am honored to have shared the pleasure in helping to rebuild this neighborhood and community past few years.  This dope addition is going down today starting at 4pm right off corner of 51st and Calumet or 51st Greenline.  The same organization, The Urban Juncture Foundation, is responsible for this new hidden gem.

It’s That Time again: I have yet to attend but this is my type of summer time day party.  Lakefront fun is always a go in the summer.  Add great music, food and good vibes and opportunity to create great memories to share and i’m sold.


Bronville Trolley Tours: Are the best way to really experience all the new , fun, cultural, art, and historical elements.  It’s also the best way to learn of all the new commercial and residential redevelopments the neighborhood has to offer!


The Silver Room ANNUAL Block Party: Two things you need to know.  One, it’s always poppin!  Two, it’s in Hyde park and like Bronzville you get all that plus much much more diversity!


The Bantu Fest: I have yet to attend but really hoping to attend this year.  I love this event because although we are finally seeing more ethnic diversity amongst the overall Black race, it’s nice to have a celebration that represents those of us in the diaspora reaching to reconnect with our roots!


The Ghana Fest: The hardest choice is facing the fact that i may not be able to attend both this event and the Bantu fest seeing there on the same day.   Despite i have always been drawn to Ghana as a goal for my first pilgrimage back to the motherland so it’s nice to see blacks collectively looking to rebuild and reunite on both ends.  It could also be a great way to meet natives that can hopefully help make that goal more obtainable.


Harper Court’s Summer Music Festival: Again being in Hyde park you get access to great diversity.  They always have great musicians and artist!  This scene is definetly more for the grown and sexy but can be a fun family affair during early part of the event.


Tuesday’s On The Terrace: Now this event isn’t on the southside but good live music for grown ups is worth traveling a bit for!


DayDream Rooftop Pool Party: This event is not on South side either but because of the DJ  it’s still one i would attend!


Steppin: A chicago thing.  Enough said!


Taste of Black Chicago: Now yall already know we stay bringing the sauce lbvs so once again, Yea enough said!


2nd Annual Bronzeville Mayor’s Ball: I will always have a love Jones for these guys!  I know this event will be packed out!  Gallery Guichard is an amazing space.  I attended several events here and certainly hoping to add this one to the list.


Windy City West Indian Carnival CHICAGO:  All kinds of blackness is represented here in the Chi.  After experience the love of events like this, the media will have you mad you waited so long to attend.


Vegan Fest: I attended the very 1st vegan fest and was amazing to have been the very 1st. From amazing spoken word artist, great healing foods of different backgrounds and cultures, beauiful people, great music, i was a happy camper.  I’m telling you learning that vegan could be that good felt like a sin lbvvs.  A certain kind of magic happens in this kind of network and setting.  You have to experience for self!


Ethiopian Fest:  I have yet to attend but i had Ethiopian food for first time last summer and omg amazing.  I loved everything about the experience.   Eating with our hands out of same dish was a very cool bonding experience so i can only imagine what the festival has to offer!  Maybe i will see you on the scene.


Well Spoken Live: For those sleep on the Chi- town spoken word scene, it’s time you woke the f* uck up!  Yea i said it.  The hosts of this event, spoken word artist “Alien” and “Word Warrior” are amazing at consistently bringing us line ups that are definitely out of this world.  The Lyrical magic you get with this network is an experience you have to get for yourself!


Embody Amoor’s Hump Day Socials: To end the summer with a bang and ensure a smooth transition into #CuddleSeason as the days cool week by week, we got you!  Join us tonight and every Wednesday on Facebook from 6pm -10pm to talk Love, Sex, Dating & Relationships!


As always i hope you all have enjoyed #yourweeklyhumpdayread.  Don’t forget make sure you are following for updates.  Next week we are sharing some insight on our latest workout program via Embody Physique to make sure we maintain our fitness journeys through all this god summer time fun and eating.  The journey can be alot of fun when you learn to navigate scenes like all the fun mentioned above accordingly.  So if you are ready for your glow up.  Drop some love in the comments to eat with me! As always love you all to life.  See you guys on the scene XOXO!



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