Maxim Nail Spa: $$$Banking On Your Ignorance!



Hey Loves, your girl Jfal aka Mamalovealot popping in for Empire Building Wednesday and today’s short read will take you through what was supposed to be a nice pamper experience for me and my mom.  So this piece is more of a product or service review.  In order for things get better and for us to continue building together, we have to hold each other accountable.  So before we get to that let me reassure you to be prepared to learn how to handle your self as an educated consumer and exercise your consumer rights if should ever find yourself in a similar experience along the way.

As a disclaimer i just want to start off saying the following experience is something i would never allow as a business owner when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction with anyone i do business with!  So for all my budding boss babes ready for this dope ass Online Coach life, this month’s registration for our online coach academy is officially open.  As usual there’s only 10 spots available so drop a ❤ in comments to lock in your A.S.A.P.

So anyway, we get to the nail spa yesterday around 5.  I come through the door like any decent person with intention of speaking as i walk in and before i could finish the statement followed by my hello the receptionist cut me off and pointed to the pad indicating to sign in.  I said to her after i’d like 2 pedicures and 1 manicure.  They walked us back to service us immediately so at this point the energy is off but i dismiss it.  I soon realized i needed to communicate what i needed specifically to ensure i received satisfactory service early on.

So once we were seated i decided take the time to introduce my mom and myself and get the names of our techs.  I asked her if she could do what i needed. She “TT” insisted on telling me what i needed instead of confirming if she could do what i asked so i told her no problem just refer me to another tech in the salon who can.  Instead she decided all of sudden she would do it.  It was very simple pedicure w/ French tip.  Not only did she do a horrible job and skip one of my legs during the massage part of the pedicure but everytime i attempted to ask her about rushing she was irritated.  When finished she rushed off to next customer without checking if i was satisfied with the finish paint job on my toes.  When i had her correct 2nd time still wasn’t right (smdh).

At this point i was so unsatisfied with her service i asked the guy handling my mom to add on and handle another manicure for me.  He said yes but would be a wait because of appointment client.  I said fine and waited after finishing my moms manicure.  A half hour later the initial rude tech that did my pedicure came back over to me.  Literally yelling at me in front of all the other customers and service techs, “i asked you if you wanted manicure you said no.  Now you say yes. Come on now i do for you.  Why you not say yes before?!”

My reply is as follows: excuse me! I have every right to change my mind as a customer.  When is it ever appropriate to throw all standards of customer service out the window.  When is it ever ok to disrespect, disregard and yell at customer for asking to spend more money in your business?!  No thank you i have made it clear and have been waiting half hour to wait for the tech that provides service to satisfactory standards.  So no thank you you are rude as fuck and therefore, dismissed.   With the yelp review of only 2 & half stars, i should’ve known.


Not only did no one come over to apologize on behalf of her obnoxious treatment and inappropriate behaviour, but after waiting another 20 minutes and asking how much longer the tech that agreed to pick up her slack would be, the receptionist tells me i’d have to take someone else or no time because closing soon.  This was after being there 2 hours!

I politely said no problem disappointed, i said no thank you then.  As we prepared to leave i realized i hadn’t paid yet.  They were so busy disregarding me at this point they hadn’t realized either.  So i tapped the receptionist on shoulder that was cleaning on way out to pay.  She told me my total.  I explained to her why i wasn’t paying the price she gave me and paid her what i felt the service was worth by deducting $15 from the total balance.  She then threatened to call the police on me.

At this point i had no choice but to let her know: “your business stands to loose much more than $15 if they do not learn to respect their clientele.  Business owner to business owner,  i get it a point to service as many as possible to meet sales goals.  But in the service industry, as business owner it is also your legal responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction and make sure those people are happy with the service they receive as well!

Of course the Asian nail salon community likes to play up the cultural and language barrier to justify their lack of standard customer service values in our communities but truth is, they exercise what you call “model citizen” privileges.  Come into our neighbors opening businesses feeding,  their families off our backs, disrespecting us and then criminalizing us for not just resisting that kind of treatment but for not paying them for it too.  We know yall don’t shop with us but we continue to shop with you out of convenience.  How dare you treat us this way?!  We are feeding your families.

If you don’t want to provide us with the quality serviced we deserve, don’t come opening businesses in neighborhoods! It’s that simple.  This is a historical black owned neighborhood for God’s sakes! The treatment is outright disrespectful and has to stop!

There are black owned beauty supply chains opening up across the nation in response to this exact kind of mistreatment right now.  Fortunately instances like this will lead to the same thing happening with nail salons!”

Everyone experiences mistreatment even black celebrities!

No you can’t buy yourself out of racism but asking to simple be handled with care is very realistic and obtainable.  But it is up to us as consumers to set the standard.  See they don’t expect any of us to have any knowledge of business law.  So before reassuring the receptionist they weren’t getting a penny more than i already paid, i took the time to let customers who also experienced their poor treatment and customer service while we were there of the following:

When you go to buy a product at the store you get a receipt.  That receipt is a legally binding contract that says if you are unsatisfied with a product, or damaged etc, you can return for refund. In the service industry however things are bit different.  Because of the customer service factor most service providers require down payment before service and rest after completion. Legally if a customer is not satisfied with service after completion they are not obligated to pay remaining balance.

The goal in any business is to make a customer not a sale.  Anytime we don’t exercise our rights as a consumer we give them permission to continue to take our money for disrespecting us!  I will not have it!  So i payed the balance minus my $15 deduction and we left.

I couldn’t stop crying when i got to my next destination.  I had never in my life felt so disrespected and criminalized for simply trying to enjoy an nice pamper day out with my mom.  So this has become more of a wake up Wednesday!

Awareness can be a tool used to your benefit!  Learning to handle ourselves is a must if we are to avoid continuously getting taken advantage of.  I learned so much.  Was a painful lesson but I will never go to this salon again!  Shop not just where your money is of value but where you are!  It will make the world of difference in your over all experience!

As always i hope you all enjoyed this evening’s quick read and find the tips helpful.  Make sure you are “linked for the ink” to come.  Love you all to life. Happy Empire building!  Now go be great!


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