Empire Building On The Go!

Great afternoon game changers and happy Empire building Wednesdays.  No matter how far we go in life there is always room for growth. So I have recently learned that I also struggle with this thing called “emotional eating.”


Anyone else find themselves neglecting their own basic needs:  food, sleep etc to meet deadlines or reach their goals?.  Like, you get so caught up you literally forget to eat.  Or how about when you find yourself eating when upset or not eating at all when upset, stressed or worried etc?.  See like most people, I thought because I didn’t suffer from a more popular eating disorder like Bulimia, Anorexia or even being overweight that I had the healthiest relationship with food.

But since working on specific body goals of my own past few months boy am I learning sooo much about myself.  No one said this journey was easy but “self discipline, the right tools, resources and accountability or support, anything is possible!”  So as I have prepped for this trip to Chicago and next few weeks in the air these past few days, I struggled with bitter sweet feelings of being excited and sad i had to leave again so soon.


Unfortunately, this was at the expense of my regimen and I noticed moments of feeling sad or stressed or being to focused on deadlines, I was no longer eating according to my meal plan.  Yup I fell off in just weeks times.  Moral of story, change is inevitable and that includes circumstance.

We can panic and let them get best of us or put our tools and training to use.  So ya girl is back at it again, living that skyhigh life and I’m excited to share some more insight into this #fitlife on the go and the ways I’m learning to cope.


As a online lifestyle trainer, I’m able to travel for work when necessary and still maintain my business and personal journey.  Yessss hunny when I say that the discipline in this lifestyle is paying off tremendously, it’s in all areas of my life particularly this travel life.

So for those that have been following my #Thickfit and #Abgain #Journey so far you may be wondering why I have been Mia past few days.  Most you all know I moved to Florida about 8 months ago.  Just as I was getting settled I was presented with some great work oppportunities for few upcoming projects.


One of them is a 3 week project in Deleware and next I have a 6 week project in ATL.  The great thing is that although I will be on the go the next several weeks, it is still complimentary to my lifestyle.  I’m am soooo excited for these new adventures and more importantly I’m blessed not to have any restrictions keeping me from them.

Now I know some of yall have been just as committed following and encouraging me along the way on this journey and you may have noticed I haven’t shared alot of workout post this week but wanted to share why by shifting the focus a bit back to eating because it is something we all have to do regardless if we are working out or not.

So before i get into it, check out some of the amazing challenger spotlights and progress updates from those that slayed our last online fitcamp!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And let’s be clear the way and what we are eating accounts for 80 percent of your whatever end goal, or results we are striving for no matter what our particular program is.

Sooooo because I’m on a thick journey and my day to day task require me to burn more calories than i’m eating in a day before I even do my workouts, i had to shift the frequency of my workouts to get better results.  So i will be sharing some updates soon.  Now that’s just quick sneakpeak into the milestones of my personal journey but yall already know what today is.  That’s right!  An opportunity to once again join us for #aseatatthetable and #Buildtogether.

So for all those out there who are ready for a lifestlye change, to experience the freedom as a lifestyle coach simply by  refocusing on your own personal journey, learning how to turn it into your own business by sharing your experience via social media or those who just want to get amazing results working on your own health and body goals, we just launched the most exciting program we have ever had!

What if you could lose weight without working out?  What if you could develop a healthy relationship with food and end the binge eating or emotional eating.  What if you didn’t have to cut food groups?  Didn’t have to restrict yourself.  You could enjoy your favorite things and NOT feel guilty about it (I’m enjoying Ice cream right now 💁🏻‍♀️) what if you gain freedom from food?

What if you could learn a SUSTAINABLE way to eat.  Something that isn’t a diet, not a plan, no counting calories, containers, macros… no supplements, cleanses, pills…

Just straight up knowledge on how to have a healthy relationship with food and how to change your life.

Would you do it???

Registration is officially open for E3

I don’t want to leave anyone behind!!

This is the E3 movement! Become an E3 warrior and end your battle with “emotional eating” and or your weight for good!

No one said this journey was easy but “self discipline has it’s own rewards and with the right tools, resources and support or accountability system, anything is possible”!

Join us to discover the true power of yours! Comment “I’m in” below and let’s do this together!  Happy Empire building loves.  Now go be great!

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