Small Lifestyle Changes, Bigger Gains!


#smalllifestylechanges lead to #biggainzz over time.  To go from my 1st paycheck of $89 from coaching online to this past week I had $365 deposited in my account from coaching.

I would like to say how I am averaging thousands of dollars a week (and I WILL) but my $365 is something to be grateful and proud of as well.  Especially because it’s literally double what I was making in a 2 week pay period at my last job 😍😃

FB_IMG_1525292400599So don’t be ashamed of your small beginnings.  We all started at the SAME Place ☝ through 🙏all is possible.  I used to be ashamed to have to use an Ebt card at the grocery store.  I used to be ashamed to go to free food pantrys as a young girl growing up in the Pjs, but even then I knew those hard times were only temporary.  After having been out here paying money for groceries, I wish I had EBT card again, I applied like 5 xs clearly I still qualify but they stay on good Bs down here LBVS.


I stopped waiting on that Damn Job & errbody else & #linklife with other women who wanted more better health, $ and most importantly, time to spend with their families while creating the life of their dreams!  That’s the thing about working for someone else.  They don’t care that you have a family.  They don’t care if you’re having car trouble they don’t care about the goals and dreams you want to pursue in YOUR life they just want to make sure that you will show up for THEM.


You are capable of great things and the only thing that is stopping you is YOU.  And I say this with love… So GET OUT OF YOUR WAY. 😘

Because it’s My sons birthday month along with the many other Spring celebrations going on, I am only able to select 5 #bloomingbuds for Mays #bossfitacademy to Mentor into this business.

You don’t even have to be fit from DAY 1 to start earning an income from home.
The only commitment is to yourself!
That you will show up not only to reach your fitness goals but to live a better lifestyle and have the money to do so.

I’d love to show you how.
Stop telling yourself you can’t when you haven’t put in the effort!
Just my two cents… 😊

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