Get In It To Win It

Great Evening Game Changers.  Happy Empire Building Wednesdays.  You ever find yourself complaining about the lack of opportunities or options in life?!.


Sometimes, i find that i still see things from a caged lens.  But the world of technology has given us the power to create more for ourselves simply by connecting with others virtually.  Think about it, for most single folks the dating pool is so much bigger online than your everyday environment.  For those that joined us via the Hump Day Socials past few months where we talk Love, Sex, Dating, and Relationships, yall already know it goes down!  Now the socials are currently on hiatus.  However, the conversation and games are still popping via the FB group.  So basically it’s safe to say the shenanigans are just getting started!  Be sure join us for the #Humpdayscoop here.

Finally, this week’s main event!  And yall already know it’s that time we extend the opportunity to eat and build together.  When you take care of your business, your business takes care of you.  So when your business is simply taking care of you, there is no way you can really loose!  So back to the game!


Although we make the journey fun, our health is not something we should ever gamble with and while we can continue to sit back makes excuses and complain we have to remember, “we miss a 100%  of the shots we don’t take” -Wayne Getsky.  So this WINNING WEDNESDAY is special because we are excited to share tonight’s the night we announce the winner of the $300 cash prize from Embody Physique’s best overall transformation contest for this past March online fitcamp.


Now before we get to the results, i just want to say Congrats again to both of these amazing challengers!  In just 30 days you ladies have both transformed into even more beautiful women.  We are very proud of you and looking forward to celebrating more victories together.


Find out who’s results are whose and who won via this link here.

In meantime, registration for our next online fitcamp and online coach academy #BloomingBuds May Fit camp is starting soon.  So if you want in on this dope a** online coachlife or looking to simply start your journey, we got you. But like always there are limited spots available for each so comment your email address to reserve your spot.

Contest winners for our next Transformation challenge will be featured in The Embody Amor online magazine summer issue 2018. To review who made the last issue get with us!


Let’s get it. Don’t forget to click that blue follow button for more awesomeness to come.  As always we love you all to life. Happy Empire Building! XOXO

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