Balling On a budget

Hey guys,  it’s your favorite little “Balling On A Budget”, fitravelista and vacation season is in full effect.  Sooooo with all the spring breakers across the world temporarily taking over the skies, you have a chance to decide.  Would  you like to spend an entire year waiting to vacation as well or learn to travel whenever it suits you?!

Now It’s been a minute since I’ve done a “Balling on the Budget piece so this one is well over due.  Not to mention my #bossfitbabes & #fitlittribe are visiting soon for an official Embody Physique Fitlitcation.  And when you get with us you get access to awesome travel tips to save and invest in the building of your  own empire so y’all already know.  Enjoy 2 of the most important “Balling on the Budget” travel tips below:

✨How to find affordable room & board options:

-First check with Friends or family you can room with. You can also do home lodging options we use Airbnb, lockey pretty often. You can also research local hostiles, check Craiglist, or if you sign up via a website for house sitting gigs and book according to your travel plans can consider for the duration of your stay and make money while you save.

✨Yes Finding or create work or extra income stream is the next most important travel tip.  And exactly why I love this dope ass coach life.  It is an awesome way to do so.  Getting paid to get fit no matter when or where I travel is everything.

working as a brand ambassador is also always easy work to find online.  If have skills in marketing and sales, can always find work when traveling. The best way to find fun events to work during your travel stay is through Brand Ambassador facebook groups, classified sites like craigslist under gigs section or promo staffing sites.

If work force agencies that allow field flexibility like temp agencies in the locations you travel to or agencies like who provides all kinds of work in the hospitality industry can always monetize your domestic or hospitality skills.  There are alot of ways to make money online now days and all that’s needed is a smartphone and wifi connection.

Most of us have that skill set and those skills will always be in demand no matter where you go. The question is, whose willing to do the work in exchange for the freedom to do it only when they want or need.

What if you could make an investment that would give you access to get paid to get fit, travel and do it all on your own time from any smart device you can access?  For less than a pair of shoes you could do what I am doing create the life of your dreams by taking care of yourself!

We invest in ourselves for less than a night out for drinks with friends, to take care of us mentally and physically every day and invite others to join!

What you shouldn’t do:

– Wait to work for youself by taking best best care of yourself because this business doesnt’t cost thousand of $$$$ to start like any other biz

What you SHOULD DO:
– Treat this as a business that you DID invest 100K in, and feel blessed you didn’t have to! It won’t take you YEARS just break even!

Do you see a boundary or a bridge? It Its not about what you make but how you spend!

Evaluate your actions today: Are you going to continue paying to eat or get paid to eat ?

Drop them ✋💖💪emojis in the comment section To Claim the last 2 spots in my #Aprilnofoolschallenge New Coach Academy now!


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