Foot prints


A few weeks ago my roommate confronted me about cleaning behind myself.  While I was initially upset by it I eventually realized just how grateful I was to have someone hold me accountable for my own actions despite what justifications I had in line for it.

At end of day there was some temporary discomfort but no one said growth would be easy and I’m grateful for opportunity to improve myself.

While I considered myself a pretty clean person we often don’t really know what that means until it’s tested against the standards of other’s.  The great thing is that there is a silver lining.  While I was literally unaware of the footprints I left behind I had also learned to be extremely grateful for in that moment. “There is no progress without problems”!

When I think of the Embody Amoor Hump Day Socials, I was so grateful for the small but powerful impact it made on those that got to experience it last year.  We faced tons of problems that 5 week series. But we also perservered anyway and I’m even more grateful for all the gems that were captured and released back into the ethers for those who will find value in it if and when they come across it.

Another example is my personal fitness and professional coach journey as an official online Lifestyle trainer.  What I love best so far is the correction and support I have received to keep getting better and those that are following my lead. If not for the support of you guys I would not be celebrating these small victories for “Winning Wednesday” today.

Because I have made my self open to criticism and correction, I have been able to make strides in my own journey and those around me.  Check out some of this week’s transformation photos from our last online fitcamp below.  I’m so proud to see the steps followed by those in this with me. These steps have also provided them with amazing results.  These same breadcrumbs can now be left for the next person that’s inspired to follow in their steps.

When we are striving to fulfill our life’s purpose, often times we are not aware of the foot prints we are leaving behind.  But they are not always good and they are not always bad.  There is duality in everything and that means leaving something behind is practically inevitable, but we can choose to make sure what ever is being left is a good thing and learn to improve the things that aren’t.

What kind of footprints are you leaving behind?  Breadcrumbs to follow or just a mess?!  No matter where you are, it’s never to late to start walking in the right direction!!  And you all know what today is and that means we are offering the opportunity to continue to build together and do just that!

So if you are ready to start goal crushing your body and health goals, get with us.  If you are ready to make money by sharing your journey, no you don’t need experience or be certified.  No you don’t need already be fit.  Where ever you are starting in your journey, as long as your are ready to make a priority, we got you!

What if you are already in the industry and would like to service more people and feel confident ensuring results and the right meal plans to compliment your clients regimen with out all the extra work that takes away from you being able to focus on your goals too, get with us! We are more than happy to show you the way.

Comment below to get with us.  If you have enjoyed this evening’s quick read please like, share and tag friends.  Don’t forget to click that blue follow button for more details.  Happy Empire building loves.

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