Medicinal Herbs for Spring Planting

Spring is the time for planting flowers, vegetables and herbs-medicinal herbs to be exact. The winter months are departing as the season of newness and fertility descends therefore, sowing seeds of healing are in order.  Herbs of medicine are great assets to have in your garden and in your medicine cabinet. Cultivating them now and during the growing season is sustainable for your body and the natural environment of your garden. Spring is the time to plant medicinal herbs.

There are many benefits to planting medicinal herbs at the beginning of the growing season in the spring.  These advantages help with personal health as well as the health of the space they grow in. Here are some highlights to medicinal herb spring planting.  

  • Access to healing plants for relief of acute ailments (such as allergies, indigestion, headaches) during the warm months
  • Early planting ensures multiple harvests throughout the season
  • Preservation throughout the season to have a supply during the off season (especially flu season)
  • Early establishment for endangered insects
  • Creation of a haven and food for pollinating insects early in the growing season; sets up health to whole garden space

There are many medicinal herbs that can be started in the spring.  They can be started indoors and then transplanted in the ground when the soil is appropriate. When they are harvested they can be used for tinctures and teas. Here are some medicinal herbs to consider for spring planting.

  • echinacea for immunity
  • chocolate mint for digestion
  • lemon balm to calm anxiety and relieve spasms
  • chamomile to aid in sleep

Medicinal herbs are vital in the spring.  Including them during the planting season can result in an abundance of healing.  Plant them now to maintain your health and the health of your garden. Your body and the earth will appreciate it.


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