*3 ways to challenge the way we think about food!*

Hey loves, Happy Empire building Wednesday.  So it’s been a while since I reflected on my own personal fitness and “fit-preneur” journey and I’m so excited to share some updates.  So for those who are just joining us basically, i’ve gone from providing fitness and yoga classes in person to becoming an official online Lifestyle trainer.

The thing I love most so far in this transition is the fact It has allowed me  the freedom to put myself first. It allows me the opportunity to eat the foods I love and still get results I seek and most importantly get back to and focus on my own personal journey.  Leading by example is easier said than done but i love being a product of my product!  What can I say I’m a glass half full kind of girl.

In meantime, the empire building and winning Wednesday tips for making your transition fun too are as follows.

✨3 ways to challenge or change the way we think about food!✨

1) Mixing food on palette (in your mouth).


Anybody ever see the movie Ratatouille?!  Plus your taste buds actually changes over time.  Explore, re-approach some of those foods you didn’t like as a kid.  This time approach with an open mind and intent to create new flavors.

2) Explore new seasonings and herbs.
-Try prepping veggies the same way you do different meats products.  Marinating has become my best friend. Seasoning is key.


-3) Explore mixing order of foods  during the times you eat.  For example I find myself eating things like Broccoli & carrots w/ oatmeal Fruit and sausage for breakfast.


When you really start to listen to your body it starts to tell you what it needs!

But anyway, I’ve been on a weight training, (mass gain) body building journey as of last year.  Like any transition, adjusting to my new body and fitness goals meant balancing every day Life, offially relocating out of State from Wisconsin to Florida, getting settled and of course required altering my meal plan as well.  So alot going on like most of us but i have been having alot of fun in the kitchen as well.

Y’all already know your girl J FAL aka #Mamalovealot #mamalovetoeat.  Today’s the day we offer opportunity to eat together so if you are ready for some fit foodie fun and a #seatatthetable, #springintosummer with me!  I would love to have you be apart of my own private online fitcamp and slay our goals together!  Follow my personal Journey and get in on the #humpdayhumor and fit fun via this link.

You can invest in a membership you only use temporarily without the all inclusive tools to maintain the lifestyle or you can invest in a lifestyle change and ensure measurable changes that can last a lifetime!!!  #reclaimyourhealth #reclaimyourlife #healthylivingatyourconvenenience #toolsatyourfingertips #toolstomaintainthelifestyle

Don’t forget to subscribe for more fun to come.😘❤🙌


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