New Hot Chicago Eats & Hump Day Social Treats: Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine


Has anyone ever had the fried grits or any of the amazing dishes from Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine in Chicago? If you haven’t let me put y’all up on game real quick with a little insight for Winning Wednesdays 😁😁😁😋😋😋!  It is some of the best Vegan food I’ve ever had.


Now you all know today is Empire Building Wednesday and that means today is the day we offer to build together!!!  So I’m am so thrilled to announce that Majani Vegan Soul Cuisine is joining us for the elevation!  That’s right y’all for those who don’t know this amazing restaurant is located southside Chicago and is soooo good guys.  I mean I loved that the location is right off the Metra.  All the natural light and view from the street from glass storefront and the energy of the service staff is on point.  When people enjoy what they do it shows and was awesome!!!  And yes they have a real Chef so be prepared to eat good!!


Now as a holistic healthcare provider, it’s imperative we are taking care of our minds in addition to our bodies and each other to the best of our abilities. So while we feed our bodies what we need to thrive, we must also do the same for our minds and the relationships we build with one another.  So here’s a bit more food for thought.


Tonight is the final online hump day social and I’m so excited to have so many very special guest joining us for the conversation.  For those unfamiliar with the work of Dr. Obari Cartman, you are in for a treat.  He is a native Chicagoan and therapist, the creator of the ManIFest Curriculum Development Series for young men and author of Lady’s Man.

Now we are at the end of Black History Month but highlighting these beautiful contributors to the culture, is such a privilege and honor because despite it being the end of the month, we celebrate 360. So all the fun, love and real building is just getting started.  For all my couples & singles, lovers, and fellow food lovers out there..

✨If you are interested in a seat at the table & chance of winning a free lunch or free dinner for two at  Majani Vegan Soul Cuisine, you are right on time for Winning Wednesdays here with us!  Just join our Facebook group for chance to play and win in these awesome games below.✨




✨ Thanks to this awesome #Linklife you can still get with us tonight, this Wednesday evening for some fun, games, awesome prizes and juicy convo via the link here.✨


Quick shout out to Shagmond Lowery via Shag Designs for the awesome plugger this year and last year.  Thank you again to all of our amazing partners, members, participants and sponsors for joining us again.  Please stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed with us via the blue follow button below for updates on the official location of the “in person” Embody Amoor Hump Day Socials, finale early April.

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As always we hope you all have enjoyed your weekly hump day read.  If so, please share and tag with friends of interest.  We look forward to having fun with you all tonight.  Happy Empire building loves!

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