Compelled To Say

Happy Empire Building & Winning Wednesday’s everyone.  It’s been a minute but it’s ya girl ASADE popping in for hump day and as a writer of the Embody Amoor staff and Co- curator of the Hump Day Socials, I am so pleased to welcome you all to join us for the fun, juicy convo, dope entertainment and games this amazing platform has to offer. So welcome back to round 2 and officially the 2nd season of the Embody Amoor: Hump day Socials.

All work and no play is enough to stress anyone so to help get you over that weekly hump we are back to spice things up again explore taboo concepts like love, sex, dating & relationships! That’t right you guys #humpdayisdopeagain.

Join us every Wednesday for the entire month of February just click Here.  Don’t miss chance to catch me perform this piece live via this link Here. In meantime enjoy and I look forward to connecting with you all more soon!❤❤❤


Compelled to Say:

Drifting in sound slumber dreaming of resting my breasts against ur pecks breathing heavy, riding slowly, looking down at u as u pick me up to flip me over.

Still chest to chest, legs spread above my head grinding harder & stronger, no rest! Kiss me softly then gaze into my eyes, suck on my neck & firmly grab my thighs.

Gently slide your hands up to my a** then squeeze, slap it harder & harder, extricate urself w/ ease & ask me how I want it.

Damn u came to please! I tell u I want to be picked up & thrusted in the air. Stroke me against a wall as u grab the back of my neck & pull my hair.

Say my name then call me baby, wishing the fantasy was reality cuz boy u drive me crazy! Toss me back on the bed while asking if my p*ssy still belongs to u.

I tell u of course its urs as long as u stay true.

Still turned on by the way I lay across these silk sheets, u grab my legs flip me over, I turn my head to hear you say yea that’s all me! Slap my a**, watch it jiggle kiss it softly then make it wiggle.

Grab my legs, snatch me close, admire my curves, I’m every reason u have to boast. Thrust inside, arch my back and feel my t*ts.

Rub my n*pples then my cl*t. This that shit…yea u got me lit! F*ck me harder baby, smack my a**, make me cum!

Hold onto my abdomen then tell me don’t run!

We both reach our peak & then we climax.

That last pound did it so we flop down to relax. Clutch my body as we spoon, kiss my head stroke my hair, I make u swoon.

Falling asleep in your arms I awaken to my phones ring. 

Feeling hot & moist damn was that yesterday?

This was all a dream? I return ur missed call & I’m compelled to say, let’s go for round 2, I’ll fix breakfast ur welcome to stay!

That’s that piece! Peace!- Asade

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