3 ways to change the way we think about food!

Happy Empire Building and Winning Wednesday my loves!  Today i wanted share some fun ways to start building healthy and fun eating habits.  Since our bodies are our 1st temples, its imperative we make our health a top priority if we are to withstand building an empire outside of ourselves!

So for those so quick to make excuses eating healthy is to expensive, let’s be clear.  Your health is not an expense!  It is an investment that will eventually become one of your biggest expenses if you don’t make it a priority now!!

So for those whose been rocking with us, you all may have joined me for a live discussion via our official Embody Physique Facebook page here.  But for you newbies and those who prefer to read your tips, today’s quick read is all you.

Tonight’s topic: Transforming from within!  3 fun ways to change or challenge the ways we think about food.

1) Color code your meals!  I love for my plate to be full of colors but mainly green.  Making sure you have more greens than anything else is a great way to ensure you are getting more of the daily nutrients we need.  Fruit is also a great way to introduce more colors and flavors to the palette in different kinds of meals.

2) Create art on your plate.  This is a fun way to play around with colors and flavors in ways to create cool designs.  I personally like to play chef and plate my meals if it’s being served at a 5 star restaurant.  Just think of it as treating yourself like Royalty.

3.) Finally, travel through your taste buds.  Have fun with this one.  Explore new cultural dishes and try to recreate them.  I often go to visit restaurants and then try to replicate the meal at home.

I personally have been back in forth between eating vegan and flexitarian. But going vegan was a fun way to explore a whole new world of food fun.  Apply these tips and explore what challenging your self will reward you with.

Just remember your transformation doesn’t start until you do.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you get to enjoy the most fun part of this lifestyle #Eating to live 😋😄😂❤🙌lbvvs!

Whose ready to become #tastebuds?!😋😋😋🌿🌿🌿🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂❤❤❤✨✨

Now you all know in honor of empire building Wednesdays we always offer the opportunity to build together.  So I’m looking for 5 #foodlovers who are up for some #fitfoodiefun, and want to start owning their health and life by getting fit together and sharing their journey.  This invitation is reserved for serious members only who are looking to join my personal #dreamteam!

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# Getwithme

If this is you, say i’m ready in the comments.  As always i hope you all found today’s tips helpful.  If so please subscribe for more awesomeness to come and share and tag friends.  Love you all to life…. Xoxo.  Now go be great!





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