Beach Babes Wanted

Hey love lights it’s your girl @aerialgem  back with “Winning Wednesday” and “Empire Building” Wednesdays,  with your weekly #humpdayread .  We are talking about what’s happening right now live and in full effect and making a whole lot of people a whole lot of $$$ by simply taking care of ourselves and sharing our Journey with you guys on social media .


Wondering what I’m talking about? Being a lifestyle trainer of course! so today I did #Day 2 of my online fitcamp and it was boootaylishious. Check out my Insta stories @aerialgem to see that peach pop action! Today is humpday and we can all use an extra boost to get through it.

Anywho I also watched my grandson, meal prepped, took my 8yr to school, got a blog post done and I’m working my second job this evening.  All while still co-hosting my January online fit camp and this live sneak peek group into the life of a lifestyle trainer live on Facebook right now.

It’s amazing with today’s technology being able to be in more than one place at same time and especially being able to build a business sharing it all.  As you guys know I’ve been hosting my online fit camps for 6 months now coming into the new year and that marks a huge milestone for me.  One major benefit that I’ve noticed Since switching from in-person coaching to online coaching is that I’ve actually made more money coaching online hosting my online fit camps then I ever have coaching in person sessions over the last 7 years.

I realized because I was charging people by the hour to work out with meat the rate of $10 an hour and if I didn’t get any more than 10 people in the class and I barely made $100 for that training session.  That meant I had to train several days out of the week for several hours out of the week to give myself the type of income that I am  able to make now.

Back then I was paying for a bunch of overhead in business expenses in terms of brick & boarder operating to provide my services and classes. I soon figured out it was cheaper to give classes outdoors in public areas opposed to renting spaces. But commuting back and forth with equipment to those places was also a struggle and cost more in time then it made money.

News flash! There’s a huge business trend happening right now and the owners of Walmart and Sam’s Club stores are showing us. Right now, as they recently closed 63 of their stores to cater more to their e-commerce Market simply because it allows them to pocket more their revenue.  Because we live in the day in age of live streaming you to have the opportunity to cash-in on on how you spend your time, or how wise you spend your time online.

Yeah that’s right, I’m getting paid to take care right!  I get paid and I actually win money, thousands of dollars for my own transformation.  It’s me versus me everytime I take on a challenge and I get to win all-expense-paid trips to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with a bunch of My Fit tribe sister Squad!


Want in on this action???  I bet you do. I’m so looking forward to you joining My sneak peek group into the lifestyle trainer happening today, this Wednesday right now!!!

This is a invitation only opportunity to learn what in the world an “online. Lifestyle trainer is. What we do and how we do it!!! Do you have to be certified? Do you have to be fit? and what does it entail?!

Being a lifestyle trainer and apart of our Empire is about being a part of a family that supports each other a hundred percent.  And like a family we have a rich diversity among our tribe.  These five ladies are going live, sharing their journeys this Wednesday.  They are of difirent age ranges, backgrounds, geographic locations, have all been thriving. Some work full-time, some work part-time, some are moms.  Their ages ranges from 20 to their 50s. Some are single but guess what?

They’re all part of the best team ever!  To win in this Wednesday join us at some point throughout the day and the rest of the week to get to know them and learn more about lifestyle training.  See you guys there.  Don’t be late!  Just kidding but seriously don’t miss out!!!To get in on the action now ▶ here.

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