Getting outside of your own head!

So it’s the end of the year and no one wants to take old drama, baggage or negativity into the new year. So what are you doing about it? Are you prepared to take control over your thoughts and recondition your mind to attract better for your life?!

Do you find yourself battling with negative thoughts often?.  If you do think about your imediate environment, the place you spend majority of your time.  What external elements do you notice now that you may have overlooked the influence on your subconscious before.

Is there a specific kind of music playing all the time?.. What about visuals?.  What about the kinds of conversations you have with people around you?.  All of these things are real in your life regardless if you are intentionally applying attention to them.

Because our subconscious is always recording, we have to be aware of the things that are affecting and conditioning us even in our sleep.  The only way to break a bad babit is to replace it with a good one.  So the next time you find yourself battling with yourself try these tips for reconditioning your mentality.

Be intentional in what you allow youself to be exposed to and the more you do it the more natural this new process and way of thinking will become.

6 ways to take control over negative thinking patterns!

– Musical or sound therapy
-Art or visual therapy
-Meditation & Yoga
-FoodTherapy (feed life)
-Aroma therapy
-Goal chasing Training

As always we hope you enjoyed #yourweeklyhumpdayread.  If you have any tips to helps eliminate negative thinking, please share via comments below.

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