Time is money: Getting what yours is worth!

There are many different forms of currency. Where most people only think of currency as something monetary those who get the true concept will be the one the maximize use to their benefit the most.

Currency represents something that is of value that can be exchanged for something else. So anything can be a form of currency as long as the person who wants it see’s value in it.  The form of currency can also change over time depending on the economic systems they are used in.

Let’s take slavery for instance. Unfortunately it’s a dark but historical reference that’s hard to deny.  Different forms of slavery has been used as sources of currency all throughout history both legally and illegally.  The American economic system today way built on slavery.

Unfortunately, this selfish, cruel and barbaric way of establishing this kind of currency still goes on globally today in different forms like organ trafficking or the sex trade God forbid.

But let’s take this detour to a more positive reference for the sake of duality and balance. Pop culture entertainment references are always a more “fun” way or in this case a more light hearted way of explaining or exploring things so this is for all of my fellow “The Walking Dead” fans out there.

Here is a world where currency can be anything from weapons, food, supplies, water, even zombie body parts. Although this alternative reality is entertainment for some not everyone is granted the luxury of viewing it that way because it is also the actual reality for others in 3rd world societies around the globe.

So how does this relate to currency today?! Again it’s all about perspective  so let’s explore some more acceptable yet unconventional forms of currency most of us don’t think about butt actually use everyday, time, services,  and products.


Each of these things can be exhanged by one another as currency or traded all together for a diffent form of currency.  So if each of these things can be of value on it’s own but the real value comes in how they are used, a single person can simply decide to get more out of life by applying that information.

If this is the case, does having a bunch of money make you wealthy or how you use it?  Let’s try that same reasoning with the other forms of currency as well.  Does having a bunch of time make it valuable or how we use it?  Does having a bunch of services or products to offer make them valuable or does how or where you offer them?

So basically we now know the value of something is not determined by how much you make but how you spend or use it.  With global business markets changing to keep up with technology, the world is full of new opportunities.

So this week’s “empire building tip is”….. Time is money!  It’s not just a saying  it really is a form of currency!  Where there is little to no value you can create it!  Step into your power and own it.

Want more real life examples on getting value for your time, join us via our Fit fun lovers group” here to win fun contest, prize give aways, freebies and unlimited tips and resources for spending your time with us.  We appreciate your time. Join us to get rewarded for spending it with us.  Where else are you or can you get something of value for it besides work?! #GetWithUs

Happy empire building loves!


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