Operating in your consumer power are you?

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You ever have plans to use a certain payment method for the benefits it provides you.  But you get in line to check out and discovered you ended up paying cash because you were to busy rushing trying to avoid the attitude of the cashier and or customers behind you?

What about when you go to your banks’ ATM only to discover they are out of order. Don’t let it be the only branch in the city and your forced to go use someone else’s ATM and occur the high fee in return!  How about when you send money to friends for holiday and you always have to include extra for the fee to send it?!  What about when you buy something and then discover you could have gotten more of what you got for same price and or payed less for it all together?!

These are all signs you may not be operating  in your consumer power.  But how do we change that.  It’s the holiday season and this is when folks are shopping the most.  Great playground for you to test your tips.

To fully operate in your consumer power simply means shop in a way that benefits you most.  Maximize use of all your forms of currency in a way that returns more benefits to you in value or more value itself.

For example, when it comes to different forms of currency, it’s up to you to become an educated consumer and determine which are higher where you decide to spend it.  For example, the Dollar vs Crypto currencies, the Euro vs Dollar, or the exchange rates in other countries.  If you have more of a specific kind of currency that has more value some where else, then it will be smart to buy what you need where you get more of it for less.

When it comes to different payment methods.  Some may offer more incentives or rewards over others.  Like shopping online vs. in stores.  Find out what they are and start using them accordingly.  Maybe a barter is a better payment method but you won’t know if you don’t explore.

Finally, when you have plans to shop a certain way, stick to your guns, take your time and learn to enjoy your shopping experience.   Not all will be pleasant but you can ensure most of yours are.  Other customers attitudes are the retailers problem.  Don’t make it yours.

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