Getting Your Money’s Worth!!!

Hey loves, happy “Empire Building” Wednesday.  Let me start with this!  Businesses need customers!  Because this is the case consumers have more power than they realize and in most cases hardly ever use it.  Smart business owners are always looking to create customers and not just a sale.  Remembering this is Key.  Today i’m excited to share few quick tips on getting your money’s worth.  So today’s read is about bargaining power.

Why is this necessary when building your empire?.  Because it’s all about putting yourself in the place of the consumers you will soon deal with depending on the nature of your empire.  Think about it, how many people do you hear walk away from a business just because of a single experience with a bad or mediocre product or service?.  More often then not, businesses loose customers because of the customer service or lack there of.

As an educated consumer, i’m always looking for a bargain or to get the most i can for my purchase either in quantity or quality regardless of who the supplier is.  This does not mean i don’t value your business and what it cost you to run it it, it simply means i’m limited to a budget or evaluate whatever it is you are selling me at something less than you do.

How many other people feel or were told it’s rude to bargain with established businesses if not a flea market or open marketplace?.  A lot i’m sure, especially for people in traditional businesses where that’s the standard of that kind of business.  However, that doesn’t necessarily make it true.  Sometimes it requires understanding the nature of that specific business or industry.  That requires research, so where there is flexibility explore.  And where there are standards, challenge them.

Just because they have a brick in border business, does not mean they are established.  They too could be a brand new business learning the ropes for the first time.  By nature as first time owners, they are bound to make some mistakes.  One of those mistakes may be something you notice every time you shop there like an extensive order of inventory sitting around not selling.  Or there is hardly anyone shopping whenever you come.  As an educated consumer you may see an opportunity to get a bargain while helping the owner move product that’s been sitting for months on end.  Most people in business would rather make a customer than a sale.  Not only does a deal like this allow them to move product, but potentially keep you coming back and bringing more customers as well.  You may even become an employee, maybe a partner long term.

As an entrepreneur you’re going to come across consumers like ourselves, entrepreneurs aka educated consumers. As we have learned, what they have to offer may be of more value than just money or the price you’re for your product or service.  So the “Empire building” tip of the week is as follows:

If you’re an entrepreneur and people aren’t purchasing what you provide because of the price, don’t get mad or write them off.  Instead explore as opportunity to change your price point to reflect the market your in. You can provide a product that cost you less to sale or convert them to fulfill another need you may have like cutting your losses short by opening yourself up to a one time bargain that will help you move your stagnant products better.  Collaboration is key.

As always, we try our best to lead by example when it comes to sharing building tips.  So be sure check in with us over at Embody Physique Health & Fitness  to see how we applied these same tips to bring you guys fun contest this season.  That’s right guys join us to win freebies.  And not only learn to get your money’s worth but your time, energy and efforts as well.  Finally, If you are in the fitness and wellness industry and want to join us as lifestyle trainers….

Embody Physique Health & Fitness is ready to help you get take your services to the next level.  Make sure you are subscribed here to learn how every week and let’s build our empires together!  As always i hope you all enjoyed today’s read.  Until our next rendezvous….Happy empire building! XOXO

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  1. Collaboration is are right. Also trying to understand your current market and what customers need is a good starting point. Nice read. Thanks.

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    1. JFal says:

      Thanks So much. Trying my best to stay up to date sharing the things i’m learning along the way. 😄


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