Fall ln love with taking care of yourself!


Each month I co-host a sneak peek into my life in a private group on Facebook where I share lot’s of info relating to what I do as a lifestyle trainer.  In that group I always share these memes for those who feel financially stuck, out done and overwhelmed due to money issues.  They are great reminders that you can either stay stuck or try something new that could potentially be a blessing over your life.


Here’s the thing if you try something new and an effort to better yourself the worst that could happen is if you quit you just go back to your normal life. You’ll go back to being outdone and overwhelmed but at least you have a far better chance if you just step out on faith.  Try something new and be all in then if you do nothing.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful hump day.  Set some goals.  Do something different and own your life and live life by design.

What if I’m not fit?  What if I’m not at my goal weight?  What if I’m not good at social media?  What if I don’t like social media?  What if I’m super busy?  Can I still do it?  Is it one of those pyramid schemes? Do I have to quit my job to coach?

My inbox is flooded with questions like these all the time.  Today, for “Empire Building Wednesdays” or shall I say “Winning Wednesdays”, you are invited to join our life style coaching opportunity, a sneak peek to find out for yourself!  I’m inviting you to log on to learn about how you can reach your fitness goals and earn additional income from the comfort of your home. You do not have to be at your goal weight.

Coaching is about showing people that you are normal.   Not every person is on the same fit Journey as everyone else.  I share this because I know what this business has done for me.  So I know what it could do for you too.


You do not have to be an expert super-fit or even fit for that matter.  You do not need a degree or certification you just need to have a girl boss mentality and a heart to serve others with a solid work ethic you can expect to earn a full-time income working part-time hours from your phone or laptop and get fit at the same time.

Some of us are fit and some of us are just beginning our health Journeys but we are all working together to be our best self.  The inside the sneak peek group you will have the opportunity to ask questions if you like.  This month I am only accepting 10 people into mentorship program so if you’re interested in joining make sure you like or comment: “I want in now” so that I can reserve your spot!

Join us again for next week’s #HumpDayRead.  As always #HappyEmpireBuilding.

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  1. Very encouraging. Liked it. Write up and quotes were great.thank you.


    1. AerialGem says:

      Thankyou so much for your kind words. I would like you follow your blog as well but I couldn’t find the follow link on your site?


  2. Life should be about taking chances. If you don’t take a chance, you’ll always have to wonder “What if?”


    1. JFal says:

      Very true…. Thanks so much for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AerialGem says:

    Yes, I love the name of your blog site, looking forward to awesome content and maybe even a collaboration!


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