Talk herby to me!

Great Evening loves & happy “Empire -building and Winning Wednesday’s” from Embody Amoor & Embody Physique health & fitness.  This week we are super excited to invite you all to join us to take part in some awesome wellness programs & contest we have for the season.


Embody Physique is excited about a tasty holiday season and would love for you all to join us via the link above for our new Thursday segment, ‘Talk Herby to me” for #ThirstyThursdays.  Be sure to subcribe.  Here we will explore and challenge ways we think about food.  Take away fun and easy ways to implement tasty and healthy recipes featuring specific herbs, into our busy schedules.


While the holiday season brings on some exciting tasty tips to look forward to, it also brings in the spirit of community and collaboration.  So while empire building is all about propelling our own personal goals forward it also about reciprocating the love and support.  So we are super excited to invite those that are interested in learning the business as a lifestyle coach, Join us here .


We are always looking to empower our empire so of course we stay ready with great building tips.  And if you haven’t noticed already, collaboration is a great way to go about it.  So some great organizations and partners that will be joining the Embody Amoor writing staff this season is, Jacqueline Abena Smith, owner of Urban Garden Consulting, “GrowAsis Chicago“!  Jacky will be publishing here with us every 1st Sunday of the month with some great short reads on different crops and as well as the awesome field & Online services she offers.


Finally, you guys that have been with us past few weeks have been learning what it means to operate in your consumer power.  One of those ways is getting the value your time, money, effort and energy are worth.  So we have also partnered with some great organizations to bring you guys awesome gifts, giveaways and freebies this season.


Quick shout out and thank you to this weeks’ contest prize sponsors; Ms. Kahina Sekhmey of Egyptian Dance Fit and Ms. Falon Brown of the Culture Connection 360, family who is throwing tomorrow evening’s holloween celebration.


That’s right business just keeps getting better when you’re doing it with the right people (laughing but very serious).  So check out the contest below.  All you have to do to win is get connected with us and have a little fun while keeping your wellness and “empire building” journey interesting.


Winners will be announced live via the link below.  Make sure you’re subscribed for all the goodness to come. Join us here for chance to win!  Winner announcement tonight via link below:

Fit fun lovers

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Happy Empire Building! Xoxo



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