Membership rewards: Are you getting any?

Hey loves few weeks ago we talked about transforming from operating as a consumer slave to operating in your consumer power. Well hope you’re ready because today we are back at it again.

That’s right guys it is transformation Tuesday’s and just like we are transforming our lifestyles we are also transforming the way we reward loyalty in business. We are priveleged to offer incentives to help make sure you are operating in your consumer power.

It’s important to know that with today’s fast paced technology based businesses, client and or customer engagement is just as good as currency. So today we wanted share the great news of all the cool gifts, tips, tools and resources we offer as rewards for choosing us to explore your lifestyle transformation journey with.

Join us here:

to receive up to 4 free tickets to tomorrow’s commedy show “Wilding out Wednesdays” and much much more this season.


We have some fun gifts for you all this season. But as usual you have to earn them😁😊🤗.

Today we are gifting free tickets to the “Wilding out Wednesday’s” comedy show tomorrow.
The show is in the Chicago land area so out of state participants are allowed to regift tickets to friends that can attend.

One person can receive up to 4 tickets.

Tickets must be picked up via Dusable Museum of African American history.

Complete following steps to secure your tickets below!

* Follow and like our Facebook page:

*Follow our Instagram

*Subscribe to our You tube channel:

*Subscribe to this blog:

And enjoy the show!

As always thanks so much for rocking with us guys. We want you to know we  greatly appreciate your support. Don’t forget subscribe for more awesomeness to come!


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