2 Years Strong & Growing, Something You 2 Can Be Apart Of!

Today Marks the 2nd anniversary of our community we built together here at Embodyamoor.com


I write because I believe in the power of the pen. Writing is a path to power and no ones #fitcovery is possible without it!

“ I imagine whiny blog posts won’t save the world from running toward impending doom like a Black Friday sale at Best Buy.” 1 option is to try to save one person. Maybe it’s you, your own son or daughter. Maybe it’s a friend, or a neighbor.

Just find one, any one, and give them something to hold on to. Try to give them something to believe in through your example. Through your actions. With sincerity. With your time. If nothing else With your words.

If not, you may as will get a bag of marshmallows, cozy up to the inferno and watch what’s left go up in smoke.” 

Ask the Lord to help you make courageous choices today. Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace. -Daniel 3:10-25

Be patient and humble in conflicts (Rom. 1212-21:Gal. 6:1). Follow the guidelines in Matthew 18:15-18 with the desire to restore erring peace & love.

If only we could learn to deal with our issues in a more productive way… Just as I saw Jesus in my friends, sometimes others can see him in us. If I can do some good today, if I can help in what I say, If by my deeds your love convey, dear Lord, just show me the way…Amen


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  1. I just love the way you write
    Stay in touch
    God Bless


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