Empire Building Starts With You!

Embody Physique’s redevelopment started with me! The building of your empire starts with you! #SquashYoBeef

We all have big dreams but truth is making them a reality takes more than just dreaming about it! While visualization is a powerful tool and best way to get started, it can also be used to help draw out an actual plan of execution to make those dreams a full on reality.

No matter what the dream is, “Your new life will cost you your old one!” Key words being “your”! You and your daily routines will determine how much progress you make and how fast you are making it!

To maximize use of your most important and expensive resources, make sure you are always leading by example! “Be the change”. Starting with you allows you to set the tone and environment for success as well as the opportunity to re-create it every where you go even in unforseen circumstance!

I’d like take this moment to re-introduce some great friends of mine.  I know your thinking, why care about my friends when you barely know me? Well, truth is these friends you want to get to know and in away where they serve you both mutually because, they also happen to be two of the most important and expensive resources you’ll ever have.

But again, don’t worry if you’ve never had a formal introduction. Like I said before, everyone knows these guys. They go by the names of “Time” & ” People”! Getting to know them in the best ways that serves, or mutual benefits for all of you is key!

images (2)

See when you start to focus on you, you shift into a different mental space as well. You become proactive ensuring the success of your time, money and energy invested in your dreams or goals.

You stop looking for others to accommodate your new journey and instead stay prepared for your own success no matter where you go or who you end up around. You will soon come into the true power to organically operate your success according to the best of your control.

Keeping your tools around, makes maintaining your daily rituals, completing your daily task & meeting your daily goals more obtainable and very manageable.

Start your empire building by building yourself first and you will find clarity, purpose and direction aligning yourself with all that’s necessary for you to build your empire too! Stay true to your journey. “Self Discipline” has it’s own rewards!

Happy Empire building loves!

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