Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told:

Truth be told… you don’t have a hold on me. My heart has been conflicted & restricted to the thoughts of another…young brother. The Conversations & Stimulations conceive inside of me & give birth to Written Innovation, Spiritual Illumination, Strength & Motivation but not enough for Physical Procreation. I keep my distance & fall back cause its like I told you I never wana hurt you! Yet that hasn’t haulted the Persistence in your Determination. I don’t wish to deprive you of the love you so Desperately desire from me, but your actions don’t reflect the pursuit of a Real Queen! Don’t get me wrong you enlighten me. Open my 3rd 👁 to what’s inside of me, what drives me & what society doesn’t want me to believe. Yet ALWAYS telling me your on your way, for this Fabulous Elaborate Rendezvous of a date but then don’t call Nor show up?! Basically a Fuckin Flake! You say you respect my mind, but what about my time? Truth Be Told you don’t even kno how to treat a real Dia-mond! so used to dealing with loose change that you don’t even realize the value of a real woman goes FAR beyond what you gave. So the Dynamics of our relationship I HAD to rearrange. See, trying me at your friends?! You would claim a win! With the mentality of a boy trying to play grown man! Truth Be Told you’ve just been Exposed. For the Egregious Fuck Nigga Shit has just been disclosed. So I suppose you & everyone else knows where this goes. Even my homies know how low you are on the totem pole. Ha! Thought u could treat me like one of these hoes?! Bet if I was a hoe you couldn’t afford to pay my toll😂! In my life you’ll have no roll. Truth Be Told I hope the intent of these rhymes I spit u grasp. For my Heart NOR my Body you shall never ever clasp. Sorry Not Sorry, Truth Be Told!


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