Embody Physique’s Booty Bootcamp

Hey guys, so remember this happened to me few weeks back now lbvs.
Yea so i’m out hitting few errands during the lunch hour and this happens to me smdh. That #EmbodyPhysique lower body building action is taking on a life of it’s own. May have to cut that shake i had planned today. Guess that means i need do a light lunch too lmao bvvs. Size 3 to 7 135 1bs to 147. The extra weight on me looks completly different on me now then in Highschool. Even though all my pants to small now at least we know where all the extra weight is going lbvs 😁😁😁😜 #Gains
Little bit of insight…since January i had been testing this lower body building regimen @aerialgem a.k.a Jennifer Fallen designed for woman that want to build the body they want instead of opting for cosmetic surgery. The meal plan guidelines she provided allowed me to keep some vegan dishes in my diet since i’m not quite ready to fully transition to full vegan yet, this made maintenance more obtainable for me. She gave me weekly excercises and tons of tips to maximize results. Anyway, like most that are anxious for them, i couldn’t tell if what i was doing was effective until i could no longer fit any of my pants. At that point i stepped on scale and noticed the 10lb weight difference. I weigh the same as i did in highschool now but the weight looks completly different on me now than back then. I carried alot of that extra weight in my face stomach and arms. But because most of it went where most woman want it this time, i didn’t notice until i walked past the mirror on my way to bathroom early in morning. I caught a glimpse of a shadow and thought someone was behind me for a second only to discover it was me lbvs… shocked i was like oh snaps lol that’s me. Hey new booty lbvvs. Few days later and well the pic explains when things became official for me and i could except that i wasn’t imagining the results and they were real. Anywho, i’m excited to share the opportunity for those who are interested, to join us on this journey. If you are ready to #BuildTheBumYouWant the program i’m sharing over next few weeks have been designed, tried and tested by the one and only #AerialGemof #EmbodyAmoor and #EmbodyPhysique, your favorite little fitness & travelista. And as you can see i have also tried, tested and approve too 🤗#BootyBootcamp w/ the  #EmbodyTeam is starting soon. If you are ready to start your journey. #GetWithUs
You ever do something just to see if or prove you could?? There is a huge misconception the fitness lifestyle is all about #weightloss. The truth is the lifestyle also includes #healthyweightgain for areas of fitness such as weight training or lifting, and or body building! Now guys we are not forgetting about the men and have some awesome online programs coming for you guys as well as other men and women outside of Chicago & Florida areas late August. Today however, i’m excited to share we have an awesome #BootyBootCamp starting in few short weeks for those ladies out there who are in the city and ready to build the body you want. Jen shared progress pics of her journey few weeks ago and now sharing few of mine. For first time in history so many black women are turning to cosmetic surgery so we wanted be able provide a realistic alternative. I started my weight training regimen courtesty of embody physique’s very own #AerialGem aka Jennifer Fallen, January of this year. The pic on left was around end of summer 2016. The pic on right i took 2 months ago. Pic on left 135 lbs. Pic on right 147 lbs. More weight doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unhealthy when extra weight is in muscle mass. Sometimes it’s more about where your body is placing the extra weight it takes on. Proper training (diet included) allows the shift to happen with any part of the body you target. Now i don’t have a dunk lol but i’m very happy with my results so far.



#Gains #MainlyMuscleMass #TopShelfComingIn#LiftAction 😊These are my results of less than 6 months of training! Ladies are you ready to start your journey???#BuildYourHipsAndBum 🍑🤗🤗🤗 Let’s get it! Our #EmbodyPhysique#BootyBootcamp makes it possible.

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When the work pays off! #Gains #BootyBootCamp w #EmbodyPhysique is finally here. Lift it, tone it, reshape it, we got you! #BuildTheBumYouWant and #GetWithUs.

Graphics by #AstroVisualsMedia Be sure hit them up for awesome quality at great rates

There are only a few open slots left to work out with Embody Amoor and Embody Physique’s very own #AerialGem Get registered now! Camp starts August 5, 2017 and registration closes soon!

Register Here:


So get your friends together and get ready for an awesome journey.

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