Boxville In Bronzeville


Yea, it’s another “Empire Building Wednesday” with Embody Amoor. Today we are honored to highlight one of the dopest organizations that are doing just that! We’ve all heard the phrase “Where theres a will, there is a way!” And The Urban Juncture Foundation is a prime example of what it means to embody it. You all might remember me mentioning this organization a lot and for good reason.


The Bronzeville Community Garden, First Rooftop farm, The Bronzeville Forum, Bike Box, Jerk shack and now Boxville, are all courtesy of the Urban Juncture Foundation.

Photo courtesy of Bronzeville Incubator

They are doing amazing works transforming this historical black neighborhood the past few years. I remember attending the 1st pre development party few years ago. One of the lead developers invited all community residents out to take part in celebrating the progress updates of the commerical real estate project.


Boxville is new to the endeavor but in many ways serves the same purpose. It is a pop up vendors cuisine market also known as a pop up container mall that takes place every Wednesday evening from 4-7 pm. It’s located right below the 51 st. green line train station on Prairie st. It is a very easy commute via greenline and is located between the Bike Box and incubator space, adjacent to the community garden.


I attended the very first one the week before last and it was a great experience.

Photo courtesy of Bronzeville Incubator

There were food vendors, dancing, an awesome DJ, apparell lines for sale and a very warm crowd.


The Urban Juncture Foundation is providing space for entrepreneurs to develope and grow their businesses. Providing me with a space to provide yoga classes has been such a blessing. The goal of the Boxville event is very similar in intention and so far a hit.


The vendors change weekly, giving different community members a chance to have exposure in ways they might not normally have opportunity to. So again it is our pleasure to help spread the word and encourage all to lay a brick in assistance of helping our community members build as well. As i am reminded this week, reciprocated support is too very very necessary to ensure all members of our community the opportunity to grow.


Today is bit cloudy but going to be a hot one. The great thing about this event however, is that it starts just as the day should start to cool down a bit and hopefully we  don’t get rained out. Anywho, if need something fun to do after work today, stop by Boxville on your way home for a quick mingle session.


It’s a great atmosphere to network in. Maybe you can secure a table to showcase your service or products next week. Team work makes the dream work. So for more info on joining as a vendor, more info can be found here:


Also if you haven’t already, please take quick moment, scroll to bottom of page and click that blue follow button so we can make sure you’re able to get updates on all new “Hot Happenings” and “Special Events”  we come across and feel you would love check out.


In meantime, i’m looking forward to some vintage fashion fun by Aplomb at Boxville. Now i’m normally in town on weekends but You never know when i’ll pop up. Maybe i’ll see you on the scene tonight. Either way be sure stop by and say hi. Not sure what to expect? Take a look at pictures below.


As always, it’s been a pleasure. l hope you all enjoyed today’s read. Love you all to life. Happy empire building Wednesday… XOXO







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