The Power Of Starting With You!

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Hey loves, this evening’s post is short, sweet and straight to the point and all about self accountability! This weekend I had a few conversations come to me about being in alignment, and moving organically vs. moving against the grain.  Another interesting question that came to me courtesy of Dr. Sonia kennedy is, “Do we always have to be in control?” Talk about alignment!

Because these things came to me in that exact order, I questioned whether it’s possible be self accountable, while allowing self to be control free. While at first, it seems like an oxymoron, the reality that practicing self-accountability can very well mean exactly that, relinguishing control, finally set in!

Sometimes being in control of everything all the time can hinder us. Practicing self accountability can mean knowing when to let go. Doing a series of honest self evaluations is really the only way to learn what changes or direction is necessary for improvement.

Self evaluations may reveal you’re a control freak and letting go may be the next step necessary to being accountable for it. But letting go does not mean giving up, that is just another mis-conception of the phrase. Instead, often times, it means being still long enough after you’ve done all you can to let your intentions work on your behalf. It can mean accepting help from others or being open to redirection with the indication being a series of bad events that finally get’s your attention.

Allowing yourself to be open to this mentality shift can actually be the epitome to practicing self accountability. Taking responsibility for the things that are or aren’t going well in our lives is key!


Some benefits of “letting go” produce more. The key is to find that balance. How do we know when were moving in alignment?

The interesting thing about that is, you’ll find your drawing those that operate on the same or similar frequencies. This allows things that you’ve planned to manifest  effortlessly. Being accountable doesn’t mean being in control. But being in control can mean letting go!  To many of us spend way, to much time stressing over things we can’t control. So what if you’ve never tried something before or have no formal training in something you wanted to explore.

Sometimes all you need to do to be accountable, is show up, be present and let the universe do the rest! The rest of the steps will reveal themselves as you take them. But the change starts with you simply making a decision to do so!

So stop putting off going after your dreams. Stop worrying about all the things you can’t control. Take that first or next step to your new chapter and let your intentions work on your behalf! Once again, goal chasers it’s that time. “Now go be great!”-Ava Duvernay

As always I hope you all enjoyed this quick inspiration boost.  Each week we look forward to helping you get you over the hump. Are you ready to let your intentions work on your behalf? Let go of your fears of failure. Be accountable for your success and take that first step of self empowerment! Again it’s always a pleasure to help you all lay another brick. Until we meet again, love you all to life. Happy Empire Building!

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