Competition Vs. Collaboration

Good Morniiiiiiiing. It’s another awesome hump day with yours truly and as always I’m super excited because we all know that means it’s “Empire Building Wednesday”, oh yeah!

So this past weekend there was soooo much going on in the city. With the weather finally breaking here in the midwest, so many special events, festivals and other seasonal festivities are competing for my attention. I swear if I could afford to and there was more than one of me, I’d attend them all.

But while a little healthy competition can be a good thing, most see it as the American way when it comes to business. But are there some alternatives to consider that results in more mutual benefits for everyone?!

What if all the organizations in the city communicated the projected dates of their special events before they actually took place. What if everyone were able to plan their events around each other so everyone involved could circulate the traffic to each of them?!.

Now days we are producing tons of entrepreneurs in our communities and special events are a great way to introduce them. But if they are to grow into successful businesses, some strategic and collective planning is in order.

Unfortunately, there is a huge mis-conception that if you and someone else sell a similar product, or provide the same service as your neighbor that you are automatically in competition with them. When truth is there are tons of things that distinguish different ways you can collaborate rather than compete with them. For example you and another may have same product for sale but 2 different target markets. Another example: you and a friend may have similar services for sale but offer different benefit values.

Instead on getting caught up on the similarities as a bad thing, try to evaluate your differences in a way that would allow the two of you to partner in a complimentary way.

Back in the day they called this the “Round Robin Affect” all the bars in the community sold liquor but some played different music on select days, some offered special discounts, and some had signature drinks. So they would co-promote each others differences and circulate the traffic amongst those bars to keep the money circulating within the community and by doing so each gained consistent customers allowing them to successfully operate longer.

Everyone has some kind of skill or talent they can make profitable. Some have multiple and only choose to persue the ones that are most profitable in moment. The truth is you can make all of your skills profitable. The key is to find out where they are of use. In other words, where are your skills needed? That will determine the value you can get from them!

“The truth is you can make all of your skills profitable. The key is to find out where they are of use.”-JFal

I’m looking forward to the collaborations we have in store to come. As you all know we try lead by example around these parts. So in honor of welcoming 1st official day of summer we are extending the offer to continue building together. ┬áSo if you are interested in a collaboration with us here at or please feel free to email us directly.

Once again, it is always a pleasure to share the things I’m learning along my entrepreneurship Journey. I hope the perspective shift we discussed today is effective in assisting you lay another brick in building of your own empire. Love you all to life. Happy Empire Building Wednesday loves. “NOW GO BE GREAT” – Ava Duvernay


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