Behind The Smoke & Mirrors


Behind The Smoke & Mirrors

Jennifer Fallen aka Aerial Gem
Good day my fellow budding bosses! Soooo today we are pulling back the curtain on some of the trials and tribulations most often faced navigating the entrepreneurship world of possibilities. In the last article, “Building In The Dark”, we talked about how a lot of people like to glorify being a boss but no one likes to expose the hardships & solutions of actually being in business for oneself. Although promoting the upside to entrepreneurship can be huge inspiration, it is the work that’s done in the dark that people need access to in order to approach their goals to do the same, more realistically and over all more successfully.
Now as vulnerable as i feel this makes us, we know the transparency can be the difference in someone giving up or pushing forward in life. We are willing to bear that burden because we are so gracious for all of your support so far and feel it’s only right to pass the blessings along. know that no one does it alone. Team work makes the dream work. So stay tuned for all of our “Behind the Smoke and Mirrors” post to come. Here we are not only addressing those hardships but providing you with solutions as we discover them.
No one does it alone, team work makes the dream work!
So let’s get right to it shall we.  Now everyone knows when you first decide to become an entrepreneur you are on top of the world with excitement to get your new life going. However, once all the smoke is cleared and the excitement wears off because the actual work sets in, the pressure rises tremendously unfortunately. See most of us think having a business is simple selling a product or service, but what happens when your bills stay in progress when your sales don’t? Heres a bit more insight.
As a health and fitness entrepreneur in between gigs, while re-developing my company, I was so relieved, as one of the jobs i applied for months ago finally called to tell me my paperwork has cleared to work. That’s right, you may have to get back into the work force from time to time. See again when the smoke cleared the mirrored image reflected back to me read, no matter what stage of development i’m in, this dream needs to be funded!  So you can imagine why i had become a little more relieved knowing that consistent income will be coming in but only to discover that the amount of money I am getting paid barely cover’s a 4th of my bills with the amount of hours I am being given. Anyone working in retail that also runs a household knows exactly what Im talking about.
We all experience trying times and often expect friends and family to help us out. Unfortunately, most will not be able or willing to help you. Those that you thought would be there for you, will say they will help but how many people actually keep their word? You find yourself trying to collect on old favors only to come up empty handed. It’s like Building In the dark. Often times you will find out that strangers will give you more help and support than the people in your current social circle. This is when you may need to get creative and truly start considering new innovative and alternative ways to grow your support system. With so many companies offering give backs for shopping with them, for example: FreeEats WillPayU $0.25 2Watch ALL the Niagara Falls USA Video.Adventure Awaits. Take Flight &Get Pd! 3DayPay. 2See Tap ‌, technology has made it extremely accessible to work these changes to your advantage.

So while on the register yesterday I came across the numbers 43:43 twice like minutes apart. Saying aloud to my customer at the time “wow that’s the 2nd time im seeing 43:43 on the register.” He said “you should play the lottery, maybe it’s Lucky.” I looked at him as I handed him his change and said, lol “I’ve never been lucky, but I’ve always been blessed. “After looking up the meaning of those blessed numbers Here and getting confirmation in my daily devotional here, this viral project was birthed and inspired! I read across the top of my old notes, “Success planning: Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it”- source unknown.

Fight for the life you want!

Success planning: Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it”- source unknown.

So I am raising money to not only fund my dream of making a living off what I love to do, but to also share and teach others how to make a living by going into business for themselves and creating their own futures. But I know that I can’t do it alone and I am asking for your help! If you could help someone or save a life with the stroke of a button would you? This is a very unique Go fund me Campaign because I am not asking you to give any money at all. yes you read correctly and I repeat. I am not asking you, or anyone else to give money at all. In order for this campaign to be successful, all that is needed is from you is to commit to connectivity, and real positive change by simply clicking a button. Im trying to get this message to as many people as possible in 7days!

I will explain the significance of this number in an update after the 7th day! All that is required to help in this situation is your word to click this link, watch a quick 2min video and share with friends. By sharing this campaign with as many people as possible by applying the concept of #GroupEconomics real change is within reach for us all. They say your network is your net worth! Lets see what we can measure up to. By simply doing so, I will be paid $.25 by my sponsor and If you do that, not only will I be blessed, but so will you! You see, real change adds up, literally! As my twin sister likes to say “when doing business with people and establishing relationship’s. Be careful not to focus on the money received but on the service you uniquely provide. There is strength in numbers and the same is true with money.

People and time are the most precious resources and highest commodities on earth.” In my small yet powerful circle, we believe in the power of connectivity. Creating the world we want to live in 1 click at a time! So Fwd this message to 2 Friends just click the following 🔗 (link) & Get Pd $0.25 for their Completed Views too: . Share share share. Lets support each other by spreading the #YourWordProject. Support is always wanted, needed & taken, but how often is it given? And at what expense? I guess that depends on how you define support right? Mostly in the form of money, or time but rarely in an act.

So again I ask, if you could save a life with the click of a button would you? If so, why haven’t you? In this exact moment you have a chance to be a bridge or a barrier? Are you bigger or more than your circumstances? Are your circumstances more important than the next man’s? Are you a positive or negative energy block? Your reaction or lack there of is that mirrored reflection to help you figure it out. See we all think we are ‘good and supportive” until we are put to the test and our true selves are revealed in our actions even if we don’t acknowledge and accept it. This campaign is stepping stone to help us pull back the curtain and honestly evaluate ourselves, and in doing so we get the unexpected and additional benefits of making the impossible possible!

Providing revolution by resolution myself and the entire Embody Amoor staff and embody physique team is committed to this mission. We plan to do this not only through this platform but also our own. Please take some time and subscribe to this blog Simply scroll to end of this article and click that blue follow button. Here you can learn in detail all about me and more about entrepreneur life behind the smoke and mirrors! A platform personally designed for help, community development , and support in business!

For more entrepreneurial resources and more mutually- beneficial revenue generating ideas; be sure to subscribe to this
Now boss up click the link below. As representatives of the business community lets be examples in B2B Market as well as B2C Market! Everyone gets a piece of the pie, Share this campaign and hashtag #YourWordProject on Fb, Twitter, & Instagram and let’s change the world together. You are Embody Amoors’ true, “Game changers“! Now go be great! Love you all to life!

#EmbodyAmoor #Powerof3 #Connect4 #ConnectMoor.

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Jennifer Fallen aka Aerial Gem  

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