Building In The Dark


Good evening loves. It is “Empire building Wednesday” and as usual we are super excited to help you lay another brick. Building during what we know now as the microwave era can be really intimidating thanks to the new pressures of social media and the unrealistic need for those to keep up with the “Jones”. So instead of faking it like I made it, stunting in the light , I’d rather be transparent about my milestones and hopefully inspire and or aid those who have discovered some of the hidden benefits of building in the dark!

As entrepreneur for 7 years now, I  can assure you that the glamorous side of being a boss is soooo overated. Most of us think that being a boss means freedom, fun and working when we want to. The reality however, is working more because you have to, and having the discipline to push through when we don’t want to.

There are plenty of reasons we don’t have a lot of successful entrepneurs within our culture particularly. One of the main reasons is because people often times approach the lifestyle change unrealistically.  As result they end up burning themselves out early. Think about it for a second.

How often do we come up with a great idea and jump to fully execute before thoroughly planning, allowing us to realistically discover all that’s necessary to do so. Only after we’ve exhuasted all of our resources, time and energy do we realize we may have skipped a step or stage in development. Now we’re to discouraged to even try again.

While trial and error are often times the best teacher it is important to know it is also a normal part of the process. Most think that becoming an entrepreneur is simply a matter of changing positions or jobs. The truth is it is a complete lifestyle change!

Most think that becoming an entrepreneur is simply a matter of changing positions or jobs. The truth is it is a complete lifestyle change!

I hear people all time complain about there lives and how they are ready for change yet there actions don’t.  They realize after 2 years of talking about change, things still look stagnant. While the first change starts in the mind with the decision to do so, the manifestation is only possible by following through with action!

The reality is that real change requires sacrifice! I recently came across a meme be that stated “your new life will cost you your old one”! This is the nail on the head for anything you want to change about yourself. So many of us complain and make excuses about what we don’t have and thinking we don’t have what we need to make the moves we want to, so we don’t move at all!

I however, am from a place where innovation is a way of survival. Another favorite saying and personal motto I’ve adopted. “I’ve been doing so much with so little for so long I can make almost anything happen with next to nothing.”-Michael Fallen

“I’ve been doing so much with so little for so long I can make almost anything happen with next to nothing.”-Michael Fallen

Sometimes the fear of failure is enough to justify our regrets in the long term. But for someone like me, “fear is not an option! There are enough systematic obstacles against us as is. I refuse to let fear, being something I actually do have control over, be another.”-AerialGem

Finally the last excuse I hear the most, “I’m not making moves because I need help”!

Too many people want help and not service. “The problem is help is often free but keeps us co-dependent, service however requires and investment and keeps us in position of accountability and propelling forward.”-Dr. Sonia kennedy

I recently partnered with Dr. Sonia kennedy of Empowering Wellness & Yoga Bodhi 360 to provide summer bootcamp options via my health & fitness company “Embody Physique” this summer. Some of the great benefits was the exchanges in services we are able to provide one another. She recently made a video on the difference between help & service and is the exact perspective shift I feel most need if serious about building in this life. I will try share link to that video soon. In meantime learn more about Sonia’s programs here.

While we are both coaches we too are also students of life. All we can do is continue to show the way as we learn it, But the work is all you! Truth is once you have your blue print, all you need is you! Your personal journey will reveal the things you need to stay in alignment as you move in your purpose.

So how do the motivated stay motivated?? Simple, we focus on the things we do have and do what we can with that until we are able to create more opportunities. Sonia & I don’t own an actual gym or studio space and yet we have fitness clients we service all over the city. Furthermore we are open to partner with those who do have spaces but need programming. “Where there is a will there’s is a way”!

We are realistic with ourselves in those moments of struggle to stay consistent and optimistic and seek support or restoration when necessary. There are moments even the strongest person needs a boost or support. Being honest with ourselves about that is the first step to maintaining a healthy balance. During these times, I personally like to stay in the high energy circulation of my networks. It’s important to know how and where to refuel for life.

Finally we remind our selves that time and people are two of the most important resources to have in business and in life! We use those correctly and continue to create new opportunities for ourselves. Stop worrying about those that aren’t supporting you and redirect that energy to those that are.

Every moment don’t have a social media show going, we tend to feel inadequate. While I don’t knock those who live for the spot light, I have a strong admiration for those strong and determined enough to build in the dark! You all are the real MVPs. While most are sharing a show you are truly sharing the reality of the process. For that, I am truly grateful.

Embracing the lifestyle change 7 years ago meant changing the way I think about everything from working to socializing. Everything I need to don’t build my business, I made a social event or process. I would throw brainstorm parties, planning kick backs, midnight rumble work sessions and now one of my favorites our signature “workcations”.

After doing it for so long it actually became natural. And now, I really don’t enjoy myself unless I’m building in some way.” In reality all i did was switch out one routine for another. “Self discipline is key, nothing produces results like consistency”-JFal!

 “Self discipline is key, “nothing produces results like consistency”-JFal

Where should you start? Self evaluation! Think about where majority of your time is spent. Figure out where in your daily or weekly routine you can switch out the time for something your currently doing with task toward the things you should be doing for this new change in your life. If you are working multiple jobs to make ends meet than you may need sacrifice your down, social or recreation time for time and effort toward your goals. Shifting your mind set to think of the task you need to complete as fun or a game helps tremendously.

For instance 7 years ago I’d be looking forward to spending my weekends partying. Now I look forward to “partying productively by providing “fun fitness events on weekends i that we refer to as “fit Fun” over at Embody Physique. Please take a quick moment to also follow us here for more event updates guys.

That’s right, the weekends of 2017, “summer time chi”are on the “chi rise” again. If you are looking for some cool workout and networking opportunities be sure get with us. The links to upcoming events are as follow:

*Lake Front Yoga

*Sunrise Yoga

*Family Yoga at the Peace Garden

Though I strongly hope see you all on the scene, as always I hope you have enjoyed today’s read and found it helpful.

Please tag and share with friends you feel could use an extra push over the hump today. Love you guys to life. Happy empire building! “Now go be great”-Ava Duvernay

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