Guilty By Association

Guilty by Association

Have you ever heard of the expression “wrong place, at the wrong time?” usually we hear this when something “bad” happens to us or someone else who was undeserving of the actions done against them. The company you keep will have a lot of influence over the situations you end up in. We often learn the hard way that everyone in our corners may not necessarily be our team. Which means people will latch on to you but not always with good intentions. Which leads me to my next point that, no good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes when we choose to help others, if your not careful, you can become consumed into their drama and before your know it, their problems then become yours.

Although sometimes the worst things happen to the most undeserving people, the pain that those individuals suffer to bear the burden of their love one’s, almost always produce the necessary growth for everyone to let go and let God! You see the natural course of things is change!
Often times in life we get comfortable, things become so routine for so long, that we start to fight the natural course of things. We try to hold on to the things and people that are naturally to supposed to pass through this course of life only for a little while. Trying make seasonal people lifers, and in doing so, you end up exactly where they were 10 yrs ago, now trying to figure out “how did I end up here?” Although everyone can “choose” their own course or path in life, the only life you have real control over is our own.

Im not saying you shouldn’t help others in need by no means, however I am saying that in doing so, if not careful you can end up in a situation facing 5 to 10 years to life behind bars if you allow yourself to be pulled too deep into someone elses situations. The last thing you want is to be charged Guilty by Association because you were “Just hanging” out with someone from your past or present who has a record of trouble with the law.

A very dear friend of mine is currently mending her life back together a whole 4 years later after getting caught up in the exact situation described above. This amazing Woman, is one of the most perfectly divine persons I ever come across in my life. Someone who despite all she’s been through, will still give a stranger the shirt off her back without ever even expecting a thank you. Sometimes beautifully kind-hearted people like her get taken advantage of by selfish individuals who show they care about no one except for themselves but claim otherwise with every passing breath they speak.


Unfortunately our legal system isn’t meant to help people in the United StatesĀ  at all, especially if can’t afford legal representation to fight whatever your being accused of. Justice doesn’t mean the person that does the crime gets punished, in our country it doesn’t matter who does the crime as long as someone or anyone does the time. So basically you can spend your life’s savings hiring a lawyer to prove your innocence, and still end up on probation for a significant amount of time with criminal record, which would prevent you from going back to work hitting you with a permanent financial loss. All of this will significantly impact your quality of life, but also ruin your reputation. The “professionals” that run our so called “Justice System” won’t care about how many years you’ve spent working to serve others, or the fact that you have never had a criminal record before, they won’t care if you have a family to care for, they don’t care about doing what’s right by people caught up in the legal system. All they care about is that šŸ’².bad-apples-bad-laws-pdf-image

If you don’t have what we call “fuck up” money, which is money saved outside of your regular living expense, for such situations,YOU must be careful when helping others, in attempt to pull them out of a “Dark” situation because it could cost you a lifetime to get back to you. To avoid ending up in situations like this remember these tips; Don’t spend too much time with that individual in person. We have to learn how to love people from a distance. For our sake and theirs. Be aware of how much time is spent in their environment, be aware of the company they keep. Invite the person into your environment more, this will force them out of their comfort shell and make them adjust. Encourage them that change is a natural, the only person standing in their way to obtaining a better life for themselves is them.1495053072330621454695001

Last but not least, if you feel that the person you are trying to help has become too much to handle, seek additional help from a qualified community member or organization with that persons permission. There’s always strength in numbers, as well as resources, this is why its always important to have a strong foundation and a diverse network. If you haven’t started investing in your own financial security; affording legal representation may seem impossible, so If you don’t have any lawyer friends, start figuring out how to make some.

Financial security is something that everyone strives for, but many people find hard to obtain, myself included. Life’s’ curve balls always set us back, no matter how many jobs we work or degrees we obtain, if you not investing in your financial security, you are a paycheck away from always being in debt without multiple streams of income. So in honor of empire building Wednesday’s I hope this article helps to lay a brick in building and securing your own empires. If this article helped you get over today’s hump please like and share this article with others. Until next time love you guys too life, Deuces -AerialGem!

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