The Feminine Divine

A Mothers love

is like summer showers and winter storms, warm as day and cold as ice; a mothers nature, bears the burden of pain, pouring tears that produce love and growth to all man kind, defined by the Age of the Feminine Divine!

Aww yes; the feminine Divine is mothers’ nature, sprinkling showers, death pulling weeds, life-healing flowers 💐 & fuel; A Mothers nature, the most powerful agent of life……………………. she’s rule!

The love stop, that never stops thru seasons change and endless times, cultivates spirit of this love divine. Lets celebrate her as rain and sunshine because empowerment thru love, is the feminine Divine.

Happy Mothers Day!


This Poem is Dedicated to my beautifully strong super MoM, Ms. Pollie Fallen! “I love you mommy” Share this poem with the #Supermom in your life today!

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