Moor Art

The South Side Community Art Center  is one of the only lasting art museums since 1920s on the South side of Chicago specifically. They have great exhibits every year like the ones displayed below. They also host tons of event’s throughout the space like their 75th anniversary event that just past and their yearly children’s tours they have been working hard to help take off.

They are always in search of different schools and organizations that want to book children’s tours, so if you know any that are interested, be sure reach out. The museum is directed by the beautiful Maseque Myers and she gives the best tours. True to it’s historical building layout, each level offers something different.

The Annual Black Age Comic Exhibition is also held here every year. The museum is apart of the historical black Bronzeville neighborhood and is celebrated every year during the Bronzeville Trolley Tours and festivals as well. Be sure stop by and check it out for yourself. Don’t be surprised to see some Embody Amoor or Asade Artistry on the walls or hear that lyrical love on the premises if y’all come across ya girl. Until then Jfal out, one love peeps!


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