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Normally hump day is a drag but “Knot” Today. It’s “Empire building Wednesday” and we are excited to provide the opportunity to help our fellow budding bosses lay a few bricks. Before Shea Moisture and right after Carol’s Daughter came along and pissed everybody off, (find more about that here)”, Knot Today” was actually one of my favorite products when i first started my natural hair care journey. Now we have so many different awesome products but so many different hair types as well. Which products and styles work best for which hair types is something we’re all still figuring out. Well “Knot” today and “Knot” any more. Most of us are sharing our journeys making this process a lot easier and cost effective and we are happy to be apart of the progress. It is officially spring time and for most of us that means getting our summer hair and bodies ready…

jes-nappy (124)

For those of us apart of the natural hair care club, we know what a struggle it can be when it comes to the maintenance. However, sharing our journeys these ways helps us to share tips on great products, protective styles and more resources we call all use. So finally we can let our “curls talks too”-AerialGem of Embody Amoor.

jes-nappy (44)

For this particular segment a bunch of different natural beauties will be sharing insight on ways we all learned to “love the process”.  If you are apart of the curly girls world then you know exactly what i’m talking about. Our goal is to show you how to learn to love the process too. So before i get to sharing some of my favorite protective styles i want to let you all know that we are looking to do new product reviews. So for those of you creating professional products that you need reviews for before officially hitting the market, be sure to hit us up at

jes-nappy (71)

We will have plenty of opportunities for you to have your products featured via this platform in an official product review. If you have products you’d like to get out to the public, send us samples. Serious inquiries only. We got you! If you think your products will have me feeling like I’m ready to hit the town and let my hair blow in the wind  laughing but very serious…..Hit us up asap.

jes-nappy (66)

In meantime check out one of my favorite protective styles and twist outs below. The first 2 pictures below show my hair in a pin up after taking down my medium sized two-strand twist shown in the pictures that follow it. Finally, the collage ends with one of my favorite ways to achieve a cute short look without a sew in, wig or  hair cut, the Bantu Knot out method.  I two-stranded  my hair first then turned them into Bantu knots until my hair was dry. For my finished look i just took down the Bantus and left my hair two-stranded. Styled to frame my face by tucking behind my ears and adding a few hair pins:

Once, again hope you all enjoyed today’s read. Photos above are courtesy of Keith L. Nixon from #NaturalBeautyPhotos. As you all know it is #EmpireBuilding Wednesday and we are excited to support one another as we continue to lay our bricks. Please like share and tag friends. Teamwork makes the dream work. You all are greatly appreciated. Get your inquiries in to have your products featured asap. Until then, love you all to life, peace and blessings. Don’t forget to hit that blue follow button for more updates. XOXO

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