Windy City’s Timeless Spring Looks

Spring in the mid-west can be tricky if you’re not used to it. For those of us who are, we refer to it as shift season because as the weather is changing from one season to the next. The transition can sometimes feel extremely abrupt.

Most of us know that Fall and Spring can often times require layering up here in the Mid-west. You all have heard me mention in the past that the weather can start out one season in the morning and be a completely different season by nightfall. The shops at North Bridge decided to do a collaboration fashion show that contained apparel for every moment of the the shift.

Now as you all know we try to stay on our P’s And Q’s as your official “Balling On Budget” specialist so you will be please to know that this event was free to attend. Few notes to take away, free admission plus  a dope location equals packed house and sales. So few entrepreneur tips to consider for those of us who have products ready to hit the market.

Collaborating with other people in your industry can be a fun and economical way to join different market places. There are always pop up events taking place around the city. Make sure people know about your event! Throw in a fashion show and you are always sure to attract a crowd.

This rooftop experience featured 4-5 different collections from the spring season a few years ago. But as we all know classic looks never go out of style.  So because i consider myself a fashion rebel, i decided to share the love now. The pictures below are all courtesy of Keith L. Nixon from Natural Beauty Photos. If you are in need of a skilled photographer to capture the true magic of your next event, be sure hit him up asap.

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You all heard me mention this event was free. The key to attending cool events like this for free is simply finding out about them early enough. Most event practically give away a few tickets  for the early birds. We also try our best to keep you all up to date on the cool free events around the city as well. Stay tuned for more post on those, “Hot Happenings“, my personal summer hot list of summer events coming soon.

As always i hope you all enjoyed today’s read. For all my fellow fashionistas we haven’t  forgotten about you and always like to make sure that there is something for everyone. Congrats to all the models of the fashion show this season. You all rocked it. If you have a fashion event coming up or know someone who is and in need of coverage, please inbox us directly. Be sure share with friends and family of interest. Finally make sure you click that blue follow button and are in position to get more fashion updates to come!

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