Empire Building w/ The Englewood Enterprise Gallery & Chi-Town’s Budding Bosses!


Hey loves, so you all know last weekend was the 2017 Black Women’s Expo. I promised to follow up with great insight on some of my favorite vendors. The Englewood Enterprise Gallery was gracious enough to provide an opportunity for those that wanted set up a vendors table at the expo, to do so in a collaborative and economical way. For those who don’t know the Englewood Enterprise Gallery is the newest creative co-working space to hit the South side Chi town Scene since the Culture Connection.

It’s owned by brother Nuri Medina The 2nd. The Englewood Enterprise Gallery is working extremely hard to make all residents aware of all the wonderful resources being offered with in our neighborhoods. EEG ┬áspecifically offers resources in community development, business, art and technology.

We had a great time making history together at this year’s expo and have plenty more opportunities you can join us for and look forward to. At the end of this post is a list of my favorite vendors from this year’s expo along with their contact info. In meantime, check out and enjoy all the pictures below. Happy empire building Wednesday loves!!!

My BWE vendor hit list is as follows:

*Visor Wraps

They had ton’s of hot prints and can ware 3-4 different ways.


*Deza Hue

They host paint and sip parties and are BYOB. They offer partner building activities and can catch them at Sibley’s in Calumet city on tuesdays 1st drink on Deza Hue


*The Lisa Adams Group


Provides books on women empowerment. And other resources working with the youth combating domestic violence and healthy relationship building.

*More smiles Of Beverly

They Provide dental services and are providing free “whitenings” for anyone.

2407 w. 104th

corner of 104th and Western.

*Pink Lemonade Children’s books

Pink Lemonade present’s:


PinkLemonadechildrens books.


Englewood Enterprise vendors


*Massage Divas

They provide mobile spa services


*Tea’s Spa Parties

Teayonnia Provides mobiles Spa party services.


*Twisted Rose Metal

She provides awesome craftmanship in wire wrap stones and hand painted jewelry.




*Megalight Connection

A Spiritual science fiction read by Author and Artist William Riggs



Below are more pictures from the experience…enjoy share and tag your friends if you see them.


Once again, if you all missed the magic this time, i hope you will join us again in the near future. There will be art classes and paint parties and a few open houses soon. be sure visit there site and hit that blue follow button at the end of this read for the updates. Love you all to life. Peace and blessings to all. XOXO

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