Great Questions Of The Times: Reflections On the Black Women’s Expo

Hey loves,

………..sooooo i really enjoyed the 2017 Black Women’s Expo.  But some interesting questions have come to my attention.  Like these questions dialed up my number, and called me up just to confront me. When i didn’t give them any time, they got slick then decided knock on my door. When i said fine, thanks for showing up un-annouced a second time i will get back to you on that, they got mad, caught me off guard, sat me down and forced me to think about them.

Slightly on my my mind, but still wanting to push to the back of my agenda for a third time, i popped online only to have the universe slow me down just along enough to realign me with………..yes you guessed it, once again came these questions!

In reality, i’ve had several people in the last week, mainly Black men ask me what happened to “The Black Expo“?

Black bongo player performs at the International Amphitheater in Chicago as part of the annual PUSH [People United to Save Humanity] ‘Black Expo’ in the fall of 1973. October 1973

My big brother and i have the best siblingship! We talk about almost everything and he too mentioned the change in representation for this particular event. Which raised alot of questions.

I feel so blessed to have real men in my life that can share prospectives that are foreign to me by default because of my position as a woman. Anyway he brought up some great points that i never considered before jumping on board for this event. And once again i was reminded that life isn’t about having all the right answers but instead asking the right questions!

So thanks for joining me via to explore some of those questions a bit further. Be sure follow up with me let me know your thoughts.  Great questions of the times are as follows:

*What happened to “The Black Expo? Why was it changed?

*Do you guy’s feel “The Black Women’s Expo” is divisive? If so, do feel is was intentional? If so, by Who? And finally Why?

*What do we as a collective people stand to loose or gain by changing the event from, “The Black Expo to The Black Women’s Expo”???

As always i hope you all enjoyed today’s read and to have sparked some interesting questions of your own. After considering a few of these, what are some that come to your mind??

Be sure click that blue follow button for updates on the answers to come. The official recap on some of my favorite vendors from this years Expo will be available for #EmpireBuildingWednesday.

Share and tag with friends and follow us so you don’t miss out and of course as always, go be great. Love you all to life. Peace and blessings to you all XOXO!!!

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