April Showers Brings Mays….

Making your way in a new city or town, can be hard, even, scary when starting over especially when things don’t go as planned, but when I tell you that a positive attitude can take you further then you’ve ever imagined, believe me!  Have you ever 👂 the saying “April’s 🛀 brings Mays 🌹’s? I am living proof that it can be done and this post is a testament although I’m still  a work in progress. I’m so glad my father (God) has taught me the importance of nurturing relationships…

The practice of these lessons have not only allowed God’s favor and mercy to overflow into my life but also his grace. 4 years ago upon relocating from chicago, and separation from my sons father, I was going through an extremely hard time adapting to a new city, with no family, or community support and of course, no Job. I had to figure all this out alone. With my back against the fall due to the sudden change in my relationship status I was faced with returning to Chicago, or finding a way to make my new life here in sunny south Florida on my own.

After taking a minimal wage job at Radio Shack Post, and being kicked out of my brief new Florida home due to the ugly break up, I walked into the pole studio here in downtown Hollywood Fl, and pretty much demanded a job. Although they were not hiring,The owner of pole Stars gave me a job, it wasn’t the job I wanted but she gave me an opportunity to work to where I wanted to be. Little did the owner know at the the time, but the work I received at Pole Stars studio had become my saving grace. Not only did the 2nd gig helped regain my independence but being that it was based in health & fitness it forced me to do the work on myself and within myself. Not only had I begun the journey to find myself again but I was now given the opportunity to start fresh, define myself and my livelihood.

Eventually Ms. Susie Q had to let me go. Notice I said eventually and not unfortunately. My word choice is very specific because both experiences of being brought in and let go from Pole Stars by the beautiful, professional studio owner, Susie herself were not only pleasant but also lead to fortunate futures for the both of us…hence this blog post today of course the Embody Amoor platform. The moral of this story is, the end of 1 thing is the beginning to something new. Most of the time the “bad” things that happen to us, happens for us and our growth”-real housewives of Atlanta.

The End of that thing, or situation isn’t always a bad thing although its sometimes painful and scary to go though. Life’s bad times are like a passing dark cloud, the storm doesn’t last forever. Though it seems like a lifetime while in it, with the right attitude, whatever you’re going thru will become just a brief moment in 🕙.  Last, but not least be careful of how you talk & treat people during trying times in your life. Be grateful for and to those that help you along the way. Learn to love through your pain and after you shed all the weeds out of your life, watch all your relationships flourish like fresh rose petals on a bright sunny Florida day!

Meanwhile if your coming my way anytime soon, treat yourself to a nice Aerial yoga, pole, flexibility, or sensuality class at the beautiful #PoleStars studio located right here in downtown Hollywood Florida with my old Starbucks Boss & Amazing pole instructor and female DJ. Ms. Stephanie Tillman aka Dj Tripp sign up for her class via the 🔗 http://www.polestars.com and be sure to let them know who sent you for that official #discountcode exclusive to our readers and of course book a clean-eating session & workout with yours truly to help you stay on track with your fitness regime! Don’t forget to hit that follow button and 📥 me to set up your session. Meet me at the studio or the gym, its going down with some real #fitfun and until next time guys. I am the 1 andonly #AerialGem Love you guys to life, Dueces!

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